Why The Market Crash Doesn't Matter – What Is A Financial Crash & What Does It Mean For You?

The monetary crash is coming – however when? Nicely, nobody actually is aware of for positive – however we do know that you need to know what a market crash is, why it occurs and what you could do. At the moment we’ll be overlaying all of it, and speaking you thru how scared you need to be (spoiler alert: for those who’re ready and know what’s taking place, by no means!).

0:00 What is a market crash?
1:18 What causes a market crash?
3:12 Why do inventory costs go down when rates of interest are up?
4:56 How does the fed elevate rates of interest?
5:14 What do you have to do a couple of crash coming?
7:44 How can market crashes be alternative for buyers?
8:46 Wrap up

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  1. Inflation was largely driven by other factors; the corporate socialism has been debunked as the main factor. Supply chain issues and predatory pricing (meat industry) were more influential.

  2. Great video, you are right… A market crash does NOT matter IF you are a long-term investor investing with a long-term timeline. A matter of fact, I LIVE for these volatile days to scoop up quality stocks that are on sale… Yesterday, I spent a little over $2100 doubling down on a few positions.. 2022 is off to a FANTASTIC start for real investors..

  3. Buy good companies that are cheap is the way to make a lot of $$$$. It will go back up. I prefer to call it a big sale. In March 2020 I bought Google for $1400, Tesla $400, SOXL $16 NVDA $60 and many more. Even with the dips I am still ahead on gains.

  4. Hey! I love your videos, they’re so helpful for someone who’s just starting to invest like myself. Do you guys have any investing book recommendations that would help a beginner?

  5. Good synopsis. I do anticipate a downturn in the markets and have no plan to sell any of my holdings. For me, future investments in the near term will be in sectors that can do well in a rising interest rate environment, like the banks.

  6. I'm confused on why people are saying bonds are currently going up and doing good, but I'm investing my TFSA with national bank in bonds, and I'm down over $1000. Does this have to do with the bank my TFSA is in? I don't understand if bonds work differently for different institutions.

  7. quick question at @3:00 when you mentioned when interest rate goes up, stock market goes down, then we also know that stock markets and bond market tend to move in opposite directions, and we also know that if the interest rate goes up, bond prices goes down, but if stock and bonds move in opposite directions, then shouldn't the stock market go up as opposed to down?

  8. It is so therapeutic to watch this after being beaten up by the market during the day! Thank you. I was thinking of downsizing my portfolio by selling some of my broad market ETFs so I can stash some cash for dip purchase. I was going to implement it yesterday but I thought I might just wait one more day to rake in tomorrow's gains from the US market as I thought it would perform just as well as the Canadian market did on Monday once it opens. Oh well

  9. Not watching the daily markets is very helpful when investing, instead, looking at the different ways of structuring things can help build a strong account. How an investment can return isn't the only thing to look at, IF looking at investments to buy and hold, keep in mind that an investment can be dormant for years, and then climb in price.

  10. I'm not worried about it. I'll continue investing in index fund every month like I was before. When the market recovers I will have profitted from those that panic sold lol

  11. I'm finally kicking my butt into gear and teaching myself about investing. I have a significant amount of money just sitting in a very low interest GIC TFSA at my bank that I've been with since childhood. I'm kicking myself a bit for not taking advantage in march 2020 when things crashed, but seeing the market going up and down, maybe there are more opportunities coming shortly. Also the Dollar Cost Averaging technique gives me more hope that I didn't miss out. I have a long term investing window too, so I'm just happy I'm finally getting in gear and starting now!
    Your videos have been so helpful. I like the ones where you dive into your personal accounts and show us your personal portfolios.
    I'm wondering if you guys will invest in bonds once the interest rates rise?
    Thanks so much!

  12. Your videos remind me of my time in London, when I was doing my masters in Global Political Economy! I was so into the financial market, stock market and so on, good old days really! Loved watching you!

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