Why BITCOIN WILL 100x [Michael Saylor]

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Is Bitcoin nonetheless a very good funding in the present day? Nicely, Michael Saylor just lately shared why he believes Bitcoin will rise 100x farther from in the present day’s value. On this video, I break down his ideas and clarify why I maintain Bitcoin as part of my portfolio.

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I am Tom. I graduated college and realised I spent 4 years finding out one thing I wasn’t keen about… I do know, I in all probability ought to have realised a bit sooner. So I’ve spent the years since pursuing my true ardour; educating individuals about private finance and investing.

I am not one of the best on digital camera however, if you happen to can overlook that, I hope to show you in regards to the essential ability of finance with weekly movies. Observe alongside for the journey 🙂

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This isn’t monetary recommendation. The speaker will not be a certified monetary advisor. These movies are meant for leisure and common info functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary, authorized or tax recommendation

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  1. Tom, battle lines for crypto are still being drawn in the US. Hillary Clinton recently said that crypto destabilizes governments. Even though Bitcoin futures ETFs were recently approved in the US, we may still find Democrats attacking it, particularly focusing on its high energy use, even if the anti-money laundering issues are cured.

  2. Any country that doesn't adpot a form of CBDC will be left behind. BTC is the base layer of true sound money. This is a 10-50 yr transformation. STACK YOUR SATS! $1=1SAT

  3. The formula is simple……The IMF announces that El Salvador should not use Bitcoin as their currency , but they are desperate and broke, the housing crises in china which will put china in a recession, high inflation, high interest rates coming and the low production fall out from Covit and the worst is yet to come will send Bitcoin to zero. = The rich YouTubers and the rich whales which are they only ones making money of Bitcoin will not be able to save it. Be careful who you trust, take care of your family.

  4. <The recent bitcoin correction down from its all-time high has had the market in a panic in the past week. However, not everyone has seen it as a bad omen. The digital asset’s price had gone down below $60,000 causing investors to believe the bear market has arrived. Most investors has been hit the most by panic as sell-offs happened through the space. Nevertheless, the correction was bound to happen following the incredible run that bitcoin had. ytMarket corrections are always normal and expected after a bull rally, that is why it is reasonable to ride the bear market with a working strategy from a professionalyt, I have been trading Crypto for less than a month now and I was able to make over 4.3btc with trading with Daniel Wright. he can be reached on Tele gram @Danielwrightfx

  5. CNBC is not a reliable source mate. They are basically funded by hedge funds.
    Also Gold has been manipulated for some time by banks have a look into it.

  6. Hell breaks the loss after just a few days of the plunge in the price level of the major cryptocurrencies. Many of us keep forgetting that crypto is obviously exposed to a volatile market environment, although I am 100 % sure that crypto would rise in the long run ( new investors keep turning to crypto as an investment location) Although a seasoned trader would personally agree a trader earns a lot regardless of the price of cryptocurrencies and that a price drop is equally an opportunity to acquire stocks for profitable trading, with Daniel Wright I would say trading went smoothly for me. i started at 1.5 BTC and raised over 6.5 BTC in just three weeks using the trading strategy given to me by veteran trader Daniel Wright.

  7. Am sure many must have been saved by this great platform also just like I have been..I was so lucky to eavesdrop some of my colleagues discussing their next investment with them..I can't forget the very day cos it was the day I started living a good life and earnig huge profit without any work

  8. Am sure many must have been saved by this great platform also just like I have been..I was so lucky to eavesdrop some of my colleagues discussing their next investment with them..I can't forget the very day cos it was the day I started living a good life and earnig huge profit without any work

  9. this affair with bitcoins, is just an other business type Pyramid Scheme who recruits members via a promise of big profit and that work for a time till the number of buyers are bigger than the sellers . Don't forget there is no free lunch. It's just a big soap bubble.
    Behind this big business there are a gang of tricksters who wait the good moment to take all money and disrepair. Do someone know who they are ? Is there a siege or an address where people can go to reclaim their lose.

  10. Yes I hold Bitcoin but also Ethereum ( main holding), Solana, CardanoPolkadot and a few others with minor amounts. Great to hear input
    From Michael Sailor concerning Bitcoin and from Raoul Pal relating to Ethereum. Buy and hold.

  11. <The year 2021 has been like a rollercoaster so far. The markets started off with a bang, with Harrys Dent gathering and shaking up Wall Street by trading Gamestop stocks. Then, Bitcoin started spinning the charts up and down, Ethereum surprised pretty much everyone with its price hikes, altcoins started booming like never before (just think about DOGE), new market actors even rushed in to join the race.After all this, if you are still on the fence about getting in because you are worried that it’s too late to get started then you have to trade with the guidance of a professional <In three weeks of trading I have been able to make 9 btc using signals from Harrys Dent . He can easily be reached on Telegram as [ HarrysDent ]buffering

  12. I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses.The market is very unstable and you can't tell if it's going bearish or bullish.While myself and others are trad!n without fear of making a loss others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow. I was able to make 13 BTC from 2.1 BTC in just October from implementing trades with tips and info from Matthew Abner…

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