Why Bitcoin is Going to ZERO – The HIDDEN THREAT to Cryptocurrency.

Ex-Google Techlead on the hidden menace to Bitcoin: stablecoins. Following the info and the place the “huge cash” is transferring like Fb’s Diem digital forex and the digital Chinese language Yuan, ex-Google/ex-Fb multi-millionaire TechLead considers the way forward for cash and whether or not it belongs to Crypto or the Central Financial institution Digital Currencies (CBDC).
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  1. Banks could outlaw Bitcoin and introduce cbdcs but the problem of the usd is multiplied by cbdcs and it would reinforce the necessity for Bitcoin. Honestly it is possible Bitcoin could become obsolete but I don’t see that as being likely since the entire purpose of Bitcoin is to escape a tyrannical banking system with programmable currency that can be easily frozen or stolen from people from governments

  2. Fatal flaw of cyptocurrency is lack of universal acceptance. Reminds me of a religion. You will have believers and non-believers. The believers are a small minority. The non-believers are banks, governments, most non-tech people, central banks. Guess which group will become universal when CBDC is issued by China and eventually by USA as legal tender.

  3. CBDC is a road to slavery and totalitarianism. When everyone is on CBDC then collecting data is irrelevant, they will be DICTATING the data.

  4. I think it is more likely for BTC to retest the resistance to the upside and then move lower. But as always, things change on a daily basis and all we can do is to trade responsibly and keep track of the markets and re-evaluate our strategies frequently. I want to thank you Mr Ryan Donald. For being my source of crypto education, As I am comfortably making 9.5 BTC.

  5. Wonderfully insightful analysis. Central bank coins solve massive economy challenges (like killing the ‘black economy’). With this value opportunity it’s easy to see why they’ll ban BitCoin eventually. It’s all about the data…


  7. You missed the part that bitcoin is the most finite commodity on the planet. It’s not a currency it’s a store of value. With only 21 million coins in circulation that’s not even enough for every millionaire in the world to own 1 whole coin

  8. Actually, you’re completely wrong. Bitcoin is going to the moon. And the reason why is because central banks invented Bitcoin. CBDCs are a red herring to give the illusion that CBs are gunning for control, thereby giving more credibility to Bitcoin. I assure you, Bitcoin was invented by the central banks. We are all doomed.

  9. Bitcoin is a speculative asset. It's going to continue to be that and, if it turns out to behave like gold in the long term, it will be better to hold Bitcoin than stablecoin because stablecoins are tied to the dollar and the dollar can be printed. Therefore, stablecoins are, by their nature, subject to inflation. Just like cash, they are a horrible investment long term.

  10. The first nuke that is launched from China or Russia, will drive all other nations together under NATO. The future might in fact be NATO coin the one world coin for all transactions apart from those in China or Russia.

  11. You are right in that governments will prefer to control their own CBDC. The comments do not look legit here though, almost like auto generated spam

  12. I think he is spot on, stable coins are the only way digital currencies will be properly implemented, and eventually the others will fade to nothing…we all probably hate the thought of regulation, but at least with it, there is a sense of security…

  13. Thank you for all of your assistance. We would not have finished the job on time if it hadn’t been for your hard work, patience, and agility. You’re fantastic!

  14. Thank you for all of your assistance. We would not have finished the job on time if it hadn’t been for your hard work, patience, and agility. You’re fantastic!

  15. Thanks for the content. I believe the Bitcoin and stable coins will exist in parallel, so people could choose between the risks of losing all the Bitcoins and loosing money paying taxes/fees.

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