Why Bitcoin is a Bad Investment

Bitcoin is a nasty funding! I truly battle to even name it an funding on account of it is nature and the shortage of actual worth it has.

On this episode we have a look at why bitcoin is a nasty funding. Particularly why you shouldn’t spend money on Bitcoin, we may also have a look at Bitcoin and the distinction between it and Blockchain. We may also talk about why it has gone up a lot and the dangers to your cash in case you spend money on it.

We may also talk about why investing in cryptocurrency is a nasty thought and what it’s best to do earlier than funding in these areas.

Bitcoin shows many parts of previous manias the place individuals leap into an asset as a result of different individuals have.

It can be crucial earlier than investing in Bitcoin that you simply perceive the dangers of investing in it and the implications to your future.


00:00 – Introduction
01:03 – Background on Bitcoin
02:10 – Why Bitcoin is overvalued
02:40 – Bitcoin just isn’t an asset
03:00 – Your Monetary future
03:50 – Do not lose your cash
04:35 – Issues with Bitcoin
05:25 – Suppose before you purchase
05:50 – Different locations to take a position cash
06:30 – Do not buy Bitcoin
06:45 – My Bitcoin Prediction
07:00 – Cryptocurrencies
07:30 – Wrap Up

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  1. Thank you sir, I am going to get myself a dandy education and become an astronaut.
    I will invest in stamps, pokemon cards, and other collectibles.
    I will also put my money into a retirement place such as RRSP's my grandmother Lilly-Ann (RIP) Told me it would be best for my future.
    You have a good life now ya hear me!

  2. "Bitcoin isn't backed up by any government or any currency."

    A federal reserve note (U.S. currency) isn't backed by anything either. But what's worse is there is a central power that's giving it value and can decrease it or increase it. The same reason you don't want government controlling people's freedoms is the same reason you don't want government controlling currency. U.S. currency has no ties to anything of intrinsic value. And if you think about it nothing objectively has any real intrinsic value unless people put value into it and that's exactly what's happening with cryptocurrency.

    What also makes the situation worse with centralized banks (which are in pretty much every country except for a very few) is that they are not even government owned. They ask the centralized banks for IOUs and they print more money which then decreases its value and it can only restore the original value by people paying it back through taxes.

    If you know anything about the history of governments, of having one or even a select few with enough power over others. If you know anything about the nature of humanity you should know that those positions of power are eventually going to be abused and the last thing you want is a corrupt body in control of your means of surviving.

  3. And also he said, I make my money in stocks hoping they will go up, these people who are buying bitcoin are just hoping it will go up. Is no one else hearing all this.

  4. By the time you understand bitcoin, you won’t be able to afford it. You know, bitcoin is a software protocol just like https? How many applications were built on top of that? Everything from defi to NFTs and other applications not yet imagined will be build on top of the most secure monetary protocol ever built. Imagine if we could invest in https? You should analyze bitcoin from a different perspective and try to understand the use cases that are out there now in the crypto verse and imagine that on top of bitcoin. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  5. Crypto currency does a lot of advertising to the average person Like a pyramid scheme. The people that are already invested in Bitcoin want you to invest to make money for themselves

  6. Google, MSFT values are in their software too. Do you think they are bad investment too? What if Bitcoin market cap reaches 100 trillions, will you still think Bitcoin is speculative?

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