Where to speculate? | Bitcoin vs Gold

Are you confused about the place to put money into Gold or Bitcoin?

Undoubtedly, this fixed state of confusion will fade off after watching this video, the place I’ll clear the air for you all. I’ll enable you out with my aims, including on a few of my private opinions that can assist you develop by evaluating each these choices, after which you possibly can select what fits you higher. Let’s develop and make some more money by investing correctly!!

I am Caleb Jones. That is Sovereign CEO & I assist folks create location unbiased revenue, transfer to a greater nation, or simply arrange a world backup plan and do all this stuff with out spending some huge cash.

:00 Intro
1:07 Gold Bugs and Crypto Nerds
3:03 Not The Similar Operate
5:48 Does Gold Make Cash?
9:56 What Is The Reply…

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  1. I wish I got into crypto sooner. Got in 6 months ago and have about 100% return. I also collect silver coins. Most of my NW is in the stock market though.

  2. I went down to mint with 15 racks in cash they wouldn’t let me in only pay by card so I bought a bmw v8 instead lol.
    I would do bitcoin but I simply don’t understand it where as I understand gold.

  3. This is video certainly one of the most rational realistic explanations about owning gold (bullion) vs crypto. I've made good money with crypto. Gold to me is disaster insurance. Keep it stored and locked up to be sold 30 years from today, maybe.

  4. For anyone who does not have enough money to buy some real estate, land etc (and make sure they are only a fraction of portfolio) the strategy that makes sense is the trifecta: cash – gold (plus maybe other metals) – crypto

  5. You are the real "Rational Male", Caleb! I don't think there is any content provider that views society from a rational perspective like you do. Not even the one who wrote the book. And your ability to share that perspective is phenomenal. After watching/listening to you, I'm like "This is so obvious. How did I not see it this way?". Thank you!

  6. How would one actually "spend" one's physical gold holdings when/if it became necessary, such as in a currency crisis? What would that look like? (Or should one try to hold onto one's holdings throughout such a crisis and just watch it's value skyrocket exponentially, until a stable currency was restored?) I've always agreed with Robert Ringer, Doug Casey, Peter Schiff, etc, on why you should get it, but they never talk about what to actually do with it and what those transactions would look like.

  7. I think in 10 years, Bitcoin (and possibly Ethereum) will be viewed as less of a speculation and more of an investment as its market cap increases. By then smaller cap altcoins (like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu today) will be viewed as speculations. Institutions are buying Bitcoin, an ETF of it has been released on the NYSE, and a government (El Salvador) has already deemed it legal tender (I also heard the US and Chinese govts own Bitcoin). Bitcoin’s price changes are also getting more predictable with things like logarithmic regressions now that we have a 10 year history on its price patterns and can identify mathematical patterns in the price changes

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