Where Did Bitcoin Come From? – The True Story

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Episode 2 of the Bitcoin story:

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  11. 4:20 that’s not quite right. Banks will generally process transactions and charge you a fee for overdrafting your account.

    Also, heres a note on inflation. Small levels of inflation are actually considered healthy for an economy, because it encourages you to invest money instead of sitting on a big pile on it. Inflation is only a problem if it becomes rapid enough to destroy savings. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is deflationary; as people die and bitcoins are lost over time, the supply inevitably decreases, driving up the value. That discourages spending it, because whatever you buy will be cheaper in the future.

    Also, bitcoin transactions on the actual chain instead of an exchange (I.e. a shitty, unregulated bank) takes hours, so it is hard to see how it could ever be a workable currency anyway

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