What to mine after Ethereum goes PoS (ETH 2.0) 3 mining methods and three issues NOT to do!

On this video I speak about what to mine after Ethereum goes to Proof of Stake and is not mineable. When contemplating what to mine after ETH 2.0 we first want to research what we expect the crypto mining panorama will seem like after the merge. For my part what is going to occur is the entire hashrate at present on Ethereum (not counting ASICs) will unfold amongst all the opposite mineable cash which are in direction of the highest in profitability and we’ll have a state of affairs the place many cash are considerably comparable in profitability. After this I clarify the idea of mining revenue vs coin yield, that means you possibly can as an alternative of specializing in how a lot cash your mined cash are price, you possibly can as an alternative give attention to how a lot coin your mining should you’re planning on promoting your coin later at the next value. After this I am going over 3 mining methods for after eth2.0, the primary one being to simply mine probably the most worthwhile coin and promote it immediately as you get a payout from the pool. The second being to mine probably the most worthwhile coin and exchanging it for a extra established coin like bitcoin or ethereum and anticipate these to go up in value. The third is speculative mining, mining a coin that you just imagine will go up in value and holding it till it does so. I then transfer on to the three issues NOT to do by way of mining after the ethereum merge. The primary one is do not mine a coin that’s troublesome so that you can alternate. The second is do not mine a coin the place the electrical energy price is greater than shopping for the coin. Thirdly, do not cease mining and stop!

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00:00 What to mine after Eth 2.0
01:01 What mining will seem like after ethereum 2.0
05:30 Why I am excited for mining after Ethereum goes PoS
06:37 Understanding mining profitability vs coin yield
09:36 Let’s get into the three methods for mining after eth2.0
10:04 Mine probably the most worthwhile coin and promote
10:46 Mine probably the most worthwhile coin however swap it
12:35 Speculative mining
13:57 3 issues NOT to do after Ethereum mining ends
14:16 Do not mine a coin that’s troublesome to alternate
15:41 Do not mine a coin at a loss (electrical energy value increased than coin value)
16:31 Do not surrender and stop!
16:56 Why mining will at all times be worthwhile

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  1. BONUS MINING STRATEGY FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO GO DOWN INTO THE COMMENTS: you can of course just choose one of the more established coins (like ETC or RVN) and commit to mining that coin. You can then either sell it instantly to lock in your profits or hold it and wait for the price to go up. Wanna watch more stuff? Here's a video of my experience mining Ravencoin: and here's a video of me building that Ravencoin mining rig: and finally here's a video on how to mine ERGO:

  2. In my personal opinion, after the merger, most of the currency output value is not enough for electricity bills! The blogger should also add the fourth article, sell the mining machine and exchange it for Ethereum to pledge!

  3. Prepare for next mining coin…ETC…same cold algo,including 3gb and 4gb…less power compsumption…same mhs like eth…better than rvn witch is hot algo..more power over 25%..than etc…

  4. Hey Seb! Thanks for this video and all the other content you create. I thought after ETH mining ends, mining in general would end or becme less popular but after this video, I realized we are just at the beginning of this mining journey 🙂

  5. I just ordered everything to build a 8 gpu rig, and will have 7 gpus mining monthly on nicehash. I am hoping to get 6 months of good mining. If the merge happens sooner that might make it impossible for me to get my roi… I'm 4500 in and looking at a 10 month roi, so 6 months would get hopefully half my money back

  6. Nobody guarantees that it will be profitable. Yes if it's not most miner will give up and earnings will be bigger, but this is only true if electricity in your area is cheaper than average. If not then you will be losing money :).

  7. here is what is going to happen,
    Chunk of hashpower goes offline thats all the asics and home miners interested only in eth. i would say about 30%. maybe even more, its hard to tell how many home miners will give up. Some ASIC will move to other ethash coins.
    the rest will move on the biggest coins (no matter the profits) like RVN and others. There also will be push on ETC( even that its pretty dead coin)

  8. "don't quit mining" Dude! I started mining bitcoin on my cell back when we first got both bitcoin and smartphones. My droid would mine all night while plugged in and get so hot. Now I'm not even sure where that phone is and wondering why I didn't go mine for real since day one when I started. Oh well, started again last year using old pc few months down the road that mined enough to get a second card. A year later we are finally blasting off.

  9. hi there, I have a question, I wanna build a rig, and I want to know what graphic card should I use, I can use 3 * GTX 1660 super, 3 * RX 6600 XT, or 2 * RX 5700 XT. which combination should I go? Tnx

  10. What do you think about Vitalik’s “endgame” report? Did he mean there will be a market for block producers aka miners (if im not wrong)?

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