What? Is {that a} joke? – Bitcoin maximalists hate pizza – Roger Ver

Bitcoin maximalist Alex Morcos appears confused by Bitcoin Money getting used as cash. We hope you had an amazing nationwide pizza day!

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  1. Hey Roger could you please reach out to Sam Seder from The Majorit Report for a debate, he built his entire youtube career on destroying ancaps and libertarians in debates, I really love hearing your crypto debates and it would be interesting to hear you challange people on politics too.
    Keep spreading the truth!

  2. I wonder why Roger has an 'Online HTML editor' as a bookmark…

    Just use 'Inspect Element' to spoof screenshots like the rest of us!

  3. Kuddos man, Your channel is always informative!. trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is understanding the trends and working closely and where there is a potential drop as experienced lately, it should be seen as a potential to buy. The current correction, in reality, is long overdue and should be seen as a thing of joy as the dump is very temporal and also provides a unique time for you to grow your portfolio. I remember how last year at the peak of the bearish market when people were losing hope, a colleague of mine was steadily cashing out and eventually introduced me to an expert trader called Jacob Morgan…whose system is so reliable and simple, 2 weeks after I got in touch with Jacob i saw my bitcoin portfolio grow from 1.8 BTC to 9.2 BTC when others were selling their stash out of fear. Now the same thing is happening and I am unfazed because I still trade using his signals which have been confirmed to be among one of the most accurate in the bitcoin community today. It’s time to be smart and take advantage of a seemingly bad situation. Mr Jacob can be contacted via Telergram @JacobMorgan99 for further assistance into trading profitably.

  4. I'm like 30% in crypto, hodling BCH but most in BTC, but I would love to spend crypto easier! It would make it easier to go all in. I think the crypto community need to somehow stand united against the banks. More focus on innovation, building and having each others backs instead of arguing and dividing. I appreciate your amazing work Roger! Glad to have you in this space!

  5. used to be a BCH believer till they want to implement a 5% bullshit tax and give it to a private company in Hong Kong… nobody should have control over BCH should be decentralized. I get developers need money but I dont think one private company should be in charge of that. it should be like they put up a update and if majority of the pple like it they vote on it and they get the funding for it or somethin like that

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