What is Bitcoin & How Bitcoin Works (A Simple Explanation)

This can be a video information for freshmen about what bitcoin is, how bitcoin works, and the bitcoin worth.


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======== TABLE OF CONTENTS ========

00:00 – Introduction
01:41 – What is Bitcoin?
05:41 – Who Created Bitcoin & Why?
10:14 – How Blockchain Works
15:27 – How Bitcoin Works
17:53 – The Bitcoin Provide
23:18 – Storage & Transference of Bitcoin
29:32 – Investing in Bitcoin

======== VIDEO SUMMARY ========

This can be a video information all about Bitcoin.

We break down bitcoin into easy ideas collectively, so by the top of the video, you’ll perceive why bitcoin was created and the know-how behind bitcoin.

In the event you Google search, “What is Bitcoin?,” you get solutions like: “Bitcoin is the primary decentralized open supply, peer-to-peer community that’s powered by its customers with no central authority or middlemen utilizing blockchain know-how.”

Bitcoin could seem to be a tough idea to wrap your head round, but it’s truly method easier than most individuals assume.

Utilizing bitcoin, you’ll be able to ship and obtain worth on to anybody around the globe, anytime.

Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin and the bitcoin community utilizing blockchain know-how.

And blockchain is just a technique of document protecting utilizing math and laptop science, versus accountants and bookkeepers.

The bitcoin blockchain is principally a stay, operating ledger of all of the bitcoin transactions.

Every time a bitcoin transaction happens, that knowledge is transferred all through the community of computer systems.

Bitcoin transactions are verified and broadcasted to the community by way of a course of known as mining and this course of is accomplished by miners.

Miners are these folks or swimming pools of those that use computer systems with bitcoin software program put in on them to keep up the bitcoin blockchain.

And mining rewards are a mixture of newly minted bitcoins that weren’t beforehand circulating, and transaction charges of bitcoin that have been already circulating.

There are present bitcoins at the moment in circulation, and there are some bitcoin not circulating proper now.

At the moment, 18 million bitcoins are in circulation of the 21 million whole provide.

To retailer and switch bitcoin, you might want to use bitcoin wallets.

The 2 normal classes of bitcoin wallets are sizzling storage and chilly storage.

Sizzling storage, or software program wallets, are wallets which can be on units linked to the web like a pc or smartphone or an trade.

Chilly storage are wallets on units not linked to the web, like devoted cryptocurrency {hardware} pockets units like Ledger, Trezor, or BC Vault.


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