WHAT IS BITCOIN ? Bitcoin என்றால் என்ன? An in depth rationalization |Bitcoin in Tamil

On this video, we now have given an in depth rationalization on what’s a Bitcoin in easy phrases.

1) Stefan Thomas’s story of misplaced password to $ 220 Million Bitcoin wealth: Stefan Thomas misplaced his password to ‘Iron Key’ arduous drive which contained 7002 bitcoins which is now (Jan 2021) price ~ $ 220 million. He simply has 2 guesses remaining, after which he’ll lose these bitcoins completely.

2) What’s cash?
You will need to perceive about cash earlier than we perceive bitcoin. Cash is only a piece of transaction knowledge in Financial institution’s ledger. They’re centrally managed by Banks and Central banks. Due to this centralization, there are quite a few issues reminiscent of demonetization, inflation, frauds and so on. Bitcoin goals to unravel

3) What’s Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency based mostly on Block chain expertise. It’s the first decentralised foreign money on this planet. Created by ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ in 2009, Bitcoin has had an eventful journey as a foreign money and as a buying and selling instrument. Bitcoin system goals to keep up decentralized ledgers within the computer systems of all contributors, there by stopping frauds on the identical time being extraordinarily secure.

4) Will there be inflation with Bitcoin?
Solely 21 Million bitcoins will be mined in contrast to fiat cash with limitless provide. As a result of finite provide of bitcoins, there is not going to be inflation.

Bitcoin is clear however nameless. Bitcoin is the ‘Web of Cash’

Bitcoin in tamil
Block chain expertise
Satoshi Nakamoto
Bitcoin tamil
Bitcoin shopping for
Bitcoin buying and selling
Bitcoin என்றால் என்ன?

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