Video 4388 – The April Fools Joke That Crossed The Line

As Per Wikipedia – April Fools Day is….
April Fools’ Day or April Idiot’s Day is an annual customized on April 1 consisting of sensible jokes and hoaxes. Jokesters typically expose their actions by shouting “April Idiot!” on the recipient. Mass media may be concerned in these pranks, which can be revealed as such the next day. The customized of setting apart a day for enjoying innocent pranks upon one’s neighbour has been comparatively frequent on this planet traditionally.

Alright – so now you already know what April Fools day is all about. Nonetheless, now the query begets – whom must you play the pranks on and the even greater query – must you play pranks in any respect? On condition that not many individuals like pranks or jokes particularly those that will not be occupied with them – what’s the enjoyable or the leisure when somebody would not take pleasure in them? Do you have to nonetheless conduct a prank?

Lets think about you continue to imagine that pranks ought to be performed. However now the query is – what are the areas you can not play a prank on? Or the place do you draw the road? Are there some issues that are completely “off-the-books”?

On this video I share incidents the place an April Fools Joke had gone too far. Watch the video and let me know your ideas.

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Video 4388
The April Fools Joke That Crossed The Line

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  1. I am agree what you are telling about how to threat eatch outher. I know alot about what people can do to eatch outher and what consequense it can be when someone not telling the be honest to eatch outher is the easyest to everybody. When people going around and not telling the thruet it can destroy peoples life and it can destroy a City, it can destroy a country and it can destroy the earth. It is thrue. i know.

  2. Loy, I think you should make a reaction video of Lil nas x Montero
    With deeper analysis

    Westerner conservatives are going Gaga on it

    Why not give your opinion according to your point of view

  3. This is ridiculous – people just lack common sense. Rape in progress? Hey, yeah, it is not like this is not a crime and will not trigger a reaction on April 1st. STUPID to pretend. Shows not only lack of common sense, but also of brain – not to come up with something that is NOT a criminal offense.

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