Two India Controversy | Did Vir Das Insult India? | Akash Banerjee

Do we actually have ‘Two Indias’ & did Vir Das say one thing new to stoke controversy? Was it the content material of Vir or the truth that he mentioned some information on US soil – that obtained the goat of some individuals? On The Deshbhakt we examined every & each line of that monologue and got here to the conclusion that it was one thing a lot deeper that’s hurting individuals….not spiritual – however the concept of India not being a Superpower – in reality removed from it.


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Chapter Heads :
00:00 – Two Indias?
00:50 – What Vir Mentioned
02:17 – The place Vir Mentioned
03:55 – Why this Kolaveri D??

Credit :
Author: Akash
Producer: Avishrant
Editor: Tushar Chaudhary

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  1. A short Deshbhakt video to make sense why are we offended by what Vir Das said….
    was it WHAT he said – was it WHERE he said – or was it him hitting at our very confidence of an emerging superpower

  2. The whole debate of him speaking in front of US crowd about the problems in India is stupid! People have the right to speak up about these serious issues on whichever platform they want. Another point is… If he hadn't spoken about it on such a grand scale.. it would not have created the impact it did… Agar wo ye cheez apne India ke koi standup show me bolta.. log haske taaliya bajake chale jaate and maybe kuch din tak there would have been some discussions about it on social media.. phir sab khatam… I get where he's coming from and most of what he said are harsh realities of India.. and man it's time to speak up about them!!

  3. I come from a India where speaking for India is criticized it speaking against India is celebrated…
    I come from a India where after making joke on majority population religion u will be still able to breathe…

  4. **It's too late but…
    What a foolish guy re- Veer-das come from India to express his foolish act. He is that person who sarcastically expresses his Indian family in others' homes. What a foolish guy receiving applause from those who probably don't respect India or have almost forgotten the thoughtful culture of India. What a foolish guy who went to another country and express his view on his motherland as a miserable satire.
    There you said "I come from India" but we Indians say "don't come to India". Better you park your physical body there aside.
    He sees great people there in Canada but what about the great people of our country dear clown. Sahi me ye funny person apne aap ko joker Sabit kar hi Diya. Tereko kuch bhi India ke baare me positive nhi dikha.

  5. The thing is that it's not the case of offending but if he would had guts to say that America have half the population of India but still have much much more rapes as compared to India.

  6. Indian demands to take credit to Mars projects but don't want to leave effect of Mars on our life (Astrology) on other sides..! And if anyone trying to quit Astrology then their families and society will started crying and being stubborn against them to burry their point of view..! That is what called "DUAL NATURE " what we Indian already have..! Now saddest point is that even scientific knowledges are misusing nowadays alot to prove all the superstition as a reality or as a fact that it really 'EXIST'..! That's why our life going to be more hell in future as the time pass on. Such a shame for us..!

  7. the problem is he said it in america like we all know its a racist society and at the end he said its a great nation that triggered everyone and he spoke good of john f kennedy i mean he was evil as hell but people dont know that

  8. India se jyada to America me Rap* hota h , un ke comedian to ake nhi bolte. Tumhare papa tumhare mummy ke saath jo karte hai raat ko usko , bahar jake sabko bolte ho ky ?

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