Trading Bitcoin w/ Willy Woo, Murad Mahmudov & David Puell – $BTC Up or Down!

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Company: Adaptive Capital Workforce –
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Tone Vays is offered for Consulting, please see for extra data

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What’s? : “Unconfiscatable Movie star Poker Match 2021 (BITCOIN NOT BLOCKCHAIN)”


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  1. It's very interesting to watch this video when Bitcoin finally fell below 8,000. Although it's quite difficult to understand the whole point of the conversation for a non-native English speaker like me ((
    Tony, you're very much missed by the Russian-speaking audience! We are very much looking forward to another broadcast with you on Forklog. Don't forget about us please!

  2. Cash settled contract prices do have an effect on the price of the underlying. Simple arbitrage if BTC futures were trading at $5000, I could sell 5 BTC at $50,000 at the current price and go long a 5 BTC contract. Upon expiry the contract would settle at the price of 5 BTC and I could buy back my 5 BTC and have $25,000 left over. Efficient markets preclude this sort of discrepancy.

  3. BTC is approaching an angular support first point is 4095 on the beginning of April the second point for angular support is at 5072 April 29… then extend the line… BTC is about a 5 to 7 days from crossing this.

  4. I asked earlier what defines a shit coin, is it the price, the lack of useability, the reason I ask is because I mentioned hilux coin earlier and someone jumped on saying shit coin, this someone may have never read or even heard of HILUX so would not know it's use case but it was still labelled as a shit coin, some one else said it was the team around Bitcoin that made it not a shit, bit that doesn't make sense either as you can have the best team around a coin and it can still end up flopping, so can some one please explain, not bitching about Bitcoin as I like bitcoin but would just like to know.

  5. Недавно появилась молниеносная новость о том, что Telegram перед выпуском граммовой монеты проводит свой последний ICO-раунд в продаже-грамм.сведения о сайте

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