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So at this time lets talk about why international locations are banning Bitcoin, influencers are combating about it, governments are threatening regulation and what it means for our cash.
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So who truly desires to ban Bitcoin?

#1. Governments

Crypto is rising and so are the stakes for governments worldwide. Mass Crypto adoption just isn’t excellent news for many governments resulting from It being decentralised…

This leaves governments fearing Cryptos like Bitcoin can be utilized for cash laundering, unlawful purchases or worst of all overcoming authorities management & making the present monetary system irrelevant.

However why does all of this matter, nicely international locations just like the USA & China are literally wanting into launching their very own digital cash managed by the central financial institution so successfully taking away the decentralised a part of crypto that they hate.

This authorities coin could also be faster and assist make our lives less complicated, nonetheless we might be giving freely an enormous a part of our freedom. This could be the governments dream, a very trackable forex so nobody can escape the tax man ever once more… They’ve been attempting to do away with money for years so this affords them the right answer.

#2. Banks

Financial institution’s do not need to change into irrelevant, which makes good sense actually. The banks NEED us to maintain depositing our hard-earned money with them to allow them to pay a particularly small rate of interest and use our cash to make big revenue.

It is kinda genius actually.. They use our cash to take a position at excessive returns and even go so far as to mortgage our cash out to different individuals at excessive rates of interest to lock in much more earnings.

Banks are cracking down on Crypto as we communicate, I EVEN HAD MY OWN BANK ACCOUNT CLOSED for merely investing in bitcoin!! As unfair as it’s to have my checking account closed for getting Bitcoin, i am positive the banks would say this motion is taken to stop cash laundering and fraudulent exercise.

However the reality is, solely 0.34% of all Crypto was used for fraudulent and illicit exercise in 2021 in accordance with Chainalysis’s report in the identical 12 months and i am actually a part of the 99% of fine eggs merely attempting to spend money on Bitcoin.

# 3. Environmentalists

It isn’t simply governments and banks attempting to cease Crypto, we even have some way more comprehensible points at hand.

I am speaking about environmentalists opinions on Bitcoin mining and the consequences it has on the environment. I do not suppose you must be an environmentalist to know the massive impression Bitcoin mining is having on our planet.

Many computer systems world wide are attempting to resolve difficult calculations in an effort to confirm transactions, and whoever will get to the reply sooner is rewarded with bitcoin. However competitors and calculation problem is growing.

Till we discover a extra environment friendly method of mining Bitcoin I would not be stunned to see extra headlines much like those we’ve simply mentioned. It is positively one thing i will be watching out for in terms of Bitcoins value level shifting ahead.

#4. Regulation

It is unlucky that individuals are shedding their life financial savings investing in issues they do not absolutely perceive and a few individuals are being flat out scammed

Slight regulation might probably be big information for Crypto so long as the regulation is to fight crime and would not make investing tougher.

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Cryptocurrency just isn’t regulated by the UK Monetary Conduct Authority and isn’t topic to safety underneath the UK Monetary Providers Compensation Scheme or throughout the scope of jurisdiction of the UK Monetary Ombudsman Service. Investing in cryptocurrency comes with threat and cryptocurrency might acquire in worth, or lose some or all worth. Capital positive aspects tax could also be relevant to earnings from cryptocurrency gross sales.

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  1. You creating a printing machine to fight again government and the bank and a lot of peoples who dont join crypto don't want their money become paper. guess what happen?

  2. PC gamers would actually love that. Ironically, if they themselves made good use of bitcoin, they would be able to buy whatever PC hardware they like.

  3. You're not going to hear this from any credible sources, but the crypto crash is directly tied to the AMC/GME squeeze. The news about possible bans/regulations is just an added catalyst

  4. Api3 theta egld theta KTN get some like Tamagotchis poppets . Fidget spinners . Oh and xlm the new Swift system. Iso20020 look that up and tell me that it's not all about blockchain

  5. Some Crypto is blatantly bad for the environment, slow, used by criminals, frothy in value and jacks the price of GPUs. I've never seen anyone buy a cup of coffee or a pint of beer with it. The only purchases I've been aware of with bitcoin is folk buying cannabis off the silk road a few years back.

  6. I think that Elon bought bitcoin just to inflate the price and then cause a sell frenze when he sold causing damage to the market by overflooding the supply and causing supply and demand issues with the currency then after that the government starts taking swings at it. It's just a team beat down from those who stand to lose the most.

  7. I think you are right. But banks also serve a important role in investments. Without being able to lend money, banks are useless BUT MORR IMPOTANTLY, companies cant invest

  8. Investment is pushing it a bit , it's pure speculation , maybe it will a brilliant investment but it's unknown right now., Could be banned next year , then again it could be $1 million dollars , russian roullette . Crypto is the future but not necessarily any of the coins currently available . A well balanced portfolio of shares , bonds, property, pension , gold and yes Cryptos, get some by all means but don't remortgage your house on it. Your advice to don't invest what you don't understand is good shame you aren't following it, true you can't sto the Blockchain but banning exchanges, accepting cryptos for good and services and transfers to and from fiat along with current anti money laundering measures will make your investment inaccessible.

  9. I only started my investment journey this year. I started with vanguard, but was considering jumping on the crypto bandwagon. I hesitated for 2 reasons. 1. At the time, bitcoin was booming, growing far faster than common sense suggests is sustainable. But 2, I couldn't figure out what tangible thing the value was tied to. With stocks and shares, even if you don't fully understand the formula, it's easy to understand that you're buying into things linked to actual companies doing actual business. Crypto seems to be linked exclusively to the tenuous fuzziness of people's collective imagination. I hesitated, and I'm glad I did, because while I was still pondering it, the first stories started to break of bitcoin taking a nose dive.

  10. The only reason governments want to ban crypto is because they want to lock us into the fiat currencies they use to steal from us through fractional reserve banking and money printing.

  11. Faze knew what they were doing, at the very least Kay did. They sold it saying it's got whale protection then intentionally removed it from the coding so it was tradeable within 5 minutes, and instantly sold at the 5 minute mark. Absolutely a 0% chance that anybody within the brand was innocent.

  12. I hate waiting days or weeks for money to be deposited, I dont use cryptocurrency, but that is one thing what seems to be inviting to use cryptocurrency, I dont want to wait days weeks etc because some bank is investing it etc.

  13. Pretty much the most effective way to stop scams is to build a future of good manners and people. Children are the future, y'know.
    Words from a fellow crypto investor.

  14. They are slowly encroaching our civil liberty. I am a UK citizen and I want to be able to spend my money where I want. Barclays bank should not disable me from spending money my money wherever i see fit.

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