The REAL Reason McDonalds Ice Cream Machines Are Always Broken

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  1. In Japan doesn’t face the same problem. And even if the staff informs us that it’s broken we just shrugg it off. Here is where the culture comes into play “ why would you get angry about a so so ice cream when you can get better at baskin and robbins, Hagen daz etc. And looking at the diabetes rate you should just thank god it was broken . And you will get the same amount of sugars with the menu at McDonald’s

  2. This is the one of many shitty parts of capitalism with without a proper free-market.
    No competition = No Incentive to Improve = No Innovations, thus = Shitty products.

  3. I wonder…. Could it be that the big clown company gets some money "back" from all business made by its affiliate with Taylor?
    It would not be the first time…
    In France many huge retailors had this kind of habits to force some suppliers to use an "approved third party" which they also used at a much better price… A new law had to be passed to make this illegal.

  4. It's like the Right to Repair movement. John Deere locks you into using them as the sole source of repair because they claim there are safety and IP disclosure issues with independent repair companies servicing their tractors. Apple for better or for worse has a stranglehold on their products' repair until very recently. (We can debate on whether replacing the screen or the camera on an iPhone does indeed compromise device security or not; see Louis Rossmann's channel.) At the same time, I think franchisees have to bear some of the responsibility for it; have they done their due dilligence in reading their contracts before signing on? Is there anything they can research to figure out what they're in for? Clearly they can choose not to be a McDonald's franchisee, heck, maybe be a Wendy's or Chik-fil-a one instead, where the machines actually work.

  5. Most Programmers or IT companies are doing these kind of business everywhere. Like the cashier machines in supermarkets, appliances, gadgets, computers, etc. They designed it so it will be unusable and needs to be repaired by them and only them can repair it.

  6. The only real action customers can take, is canceling their entire order if icecream is unavailable. McDonalds needs to lose the entire sale. But people who go to McDonalds are too lazy to do that. They certainly won't drive off without their crappy meals,in protest.

  7. LOVED this. Confirmed my suspicions from the numerous times I’ve been told the ice cream machine at McDonald’s is broke. Could you please do a documentary on Cash App? They have stolen so much money from unsuspecting people.

  8. If the repair work is done under warranty, then all the franchisee is losing is down time. If the machine breaks and Taylor charges their exorbitant rates, then by all means screw the warranty and user the cheaper, more dependable diagnostic solution

  9. I used to work at a local ice cream/fast food place (not McDonalds) and we had a very similar machine, not quite the exact sasme one, but more similar than just the same brand, that McDonalds uses. It was always broken too, I even got a McDonalds joke about it from a customer once. Since it's a local business they can't afford a new machine and are stuck in the same issue as McDonalds franchises

  10. The argument that McDonalds is being exploited by Taylor is a little hyperbolic. It’s just that they set up a contract with a vendor whose machines are shitty and they seem to be happy making a big markup with the maintenance fees.

    Then, the reason they wanted to contract with a ‘certified’ tool for fixing it is probably because their vendor threatened to sue, based on the 3rd party tool potentially violated a terms of use agreement.

    McDonalds is not being taken for a ride by one of their vendors. Nor are they benefitting from one of their vendors charging franchisees more money. They’re just dealing with some standard B2B bullshit. Dealing with vendors contracts for specific products for a massive corporation can be a pain in the ass.

  11. TLDW: The ice cream machines are shitty, but franchise owners are required to use them. The cleaning cycles take 4 hours and frequently fail. It’s also not very user friendly to troubleshoot for fast food employees. Then, the technicians needed to fix the proprietary machines are also expensive to come out. So the machines are just legitimately out of order a lot.

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