The Missing Pages Of American History Part III

Many people are taught that the Structure of the USA is the regulation of the land. Sadly, the Structure has been ignored, deemed not cheap inside the twenty first century and in any other case change into tangential in the way in which congress has acted for the previous 160 years. The desecration of our Unique Structure by Congresses previous manipulations to avoid sure articles has opened up a Pandora’s Field of contingencies which power be little legendary by the American public. All of which continues to counterpoint the Energy Brokers to manage the destinies of many thousands and thousands of American’s.

Within the areas of finance is the place the American citizen has been and continues to get on the mercy of governmental intrusion. A government that has stripped away to a lot of our liberties and freedoms. Now we’re confronted with a quandary in regards to the Constitutionality of not only the US government note even so the ever encroaching cyber currencies just like the Bitcoin and different cyber sort currencies. Ever since 1934 when Congress amended Part 16 of the Federal Reserve Act the US government note was stripped of it is backing of gold. And, ever since 1960 the government note was stripped of it is backing of silver. So now the US government note is Fiat cash, which means the one backing of our foreign money is the religion of the US government.

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The Missing Pages Of American History Part III

The main concern now’s that the US government note is simply fiat cash. Bitcoins and different cyber currencies are likewise fiat cash supported by who is aware of good religion and credit score. Then there’s the Sir Joseph Banks switch techniques. The query is who controls them? These switch techniques are the pipelines that permit interbank transfers of cash. However, many occasions who ever is dominant them can intercept, shift cash into different accounts, maintain on thereto making curiosity, cease you from transferring cash and even confiscate it for bailouts, like what occurred in 2008’s medium of exchange disaster. The different concern is that supported the Structure it states that no foreign money will likely be created until ti is plus backed. All these plus backed currencies are however diagrammatical as Promissory notes. We must be reminded that plus backed notes are certificates of possession to an precise good or precise cash with the good built-in into the foreign money itself. The downside is that the worth of plus backed cash is both the foreign money has been purloined or bought to nameless events.

After we put all this put together the foreign money to the US, the government note is now void of any unilateral backing and later is Unconstitutional by acts of Congress. In different phrases congress has taken it upon themselves to amend and move laws that clearly circumvents the intent of our institution and our Structure. We additionally should do not forget that when the Federal Reserve Act was two-handed in 1913 Congress did so with out Constitutional authority to take action. Now, our foreign money is simply supported by what is named Authorities – Sponsored Enterprise. It is a quasi-government entity established once more by Congress to boost the movement of credit score to particular sectors of the US commercial enterprise system. Fannie Mae, Goldman Sacs and Freddie Mac are all examples of presidency – sponsored enterprises. And, everyone knows what these medium of exchange establishments did to the American public previous to 2008. They created the worst medium of exchange catastrophe for the reason that Nice Despair.

What Congress has accomplished via the years has created smoke and mirrors medium of exchange entities. All of which have now created the best wealth disparity hole in historical past, created the best nationwide debt in historical past and fostered not one Nice Despair even so a number of melancholy sort commercial enterprise catastrophes which have left a serious realization that had Congress acted in good religion by adhering to the Structure a lot of our present commercial enterprise disaster would have been averted. As a substitute we’re left with a nation that’s on the verge of the best medium of exchange catastrophe in historical past. All as a result of Congress didn’t abide by the Unique Structure.

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