The Bitcoin Group #31 (Live) – Bitcoin Costume Contest — Bitcoin Pizza — BTC Foundation

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Situation 1 — 2014 Bitcoin Costume Contest

Situation 2 — Bitcoin Pizza Day

Situation 3 — Brock Pierce to Bitcoin Foundation: I Will Not Step Down

Situation 4 — Select your personal Matter

Falcon International Capital Registers to Foyer Congress on Bitcoin

Bitcoin hater Schiff now promoting gold for bitcoins

Charlie Shrem No Longer Underneath 24-Hour Home Arrest

Worth of Ripple Plummets as Co-Founder Plans 9 Billion XRP Selloff

then Questions and Solutions from the Viewers!

and Predictions!

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  1. thebitcoingroup, prepare for take off, the next bubble has commenced! All around great show and find all the insight and commentary interesting.

  2. Ya I tried trading bitcoins. Put some effort into making charts and traded the volatility. I won some and lost some but never managed to make an overall profit so I never put more than 5 or 600 dollars into it. Eventually I got tired of it and dumped what was left into doge and quark, moved the coins to paper wallets and filed them. For the last few months though I've just been buying bitcoin. It's sort of the blue chip of crypto and as Thomas was saying, the network effect of bitcoin is hard to beat.
    Ya a week or so ago I cut out all wheat and refined sugar from my diet and I've gotten such good results that I don't think I'll ever go back. No pizza for me.

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