Stock Market Crash, Buying 29,000 BTC, XRP SEC Lawsuit, New Mega Bitcoin Fund & Flare Airdrop



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  3. I totally disagree with your analysis on XRP. Get out while it's still above .40 cents. It will not be going up again. After this very cut and dry lawsuit is over, there probably won't even be an XRP coin. The court may even seize the assets after a nice cease and desist order in regards to the sale of XRP. This isn't like those doomsday regulation examples in the past regarding cryptos. These dumbass ripple exec's basically labeled XRP as a security with their own public comments and how they were using it. This will simply not end up as a fine.

    If XRP holders are lucky, the courts will send you a check based on the amount of XRP you had. BUT this could take years, even more than 10 yrs to occur.

    So you certainly do not get back what you had in it. So everyday from here on out the value you will get back will drop.

    Too all you XRP groupies, once again I just want to say like I've been saying for the last 2 years.

    "I told ya so."

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  5. how are people so stupid to brad manipulating the price of xrp and moneyprinting it at will? no wonder the SEC is going after him. it was just a matter of time.. especially all the other centralized crypto makers and owners. they will all get snuffed out by the government. and anyone holding those shitcoins like xrp will regret it . u heard it hear first. come back in time and find out what happens

  6. From the beginning zero transparency from ripple and xrp. Ripple forwarded its share to the xrp foundation. Xrp is a gas token for the banks to move assets which they have completed at low prices over the last year. Central banks control xrp price and have been manipulating since the beginning. So if you want the same system with less regs and less transparency, buy more.. not for me.. glad the sec is pushing back, even though it will be a wrist slap like jpm silver shenanigans…

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