Solana Billionaire VC's Are Laughing At You

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On this video, I focus on a clip of Chamath and David Sacks joking about their Solana positions, and the way they plan to dump it on retail buyers.

The world of cryptocurrency VC’s (enterprise capitalists) is a grimy place, and stands in stark distinction to the the Aristocracy of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Satoshi by no means dumped his baggage on anybody, and even purposefully throttled again his early Bitcoin mining in an effort to give different miners an opportunity.

Warren Buffett’s recommendation remains to be the most effective:

“Should you’ve been enjoying poker for half an hour and you continue to do not know who the patsy is, you are the patsy.”

Not funding recommendation! Seek the advice of a monetary advisor.

Chamath dumps SPCE:


Solana fund-raising:

Solana tokens had an enormous allocation to VC’s and insiders:

Solana billionaires laughing at you:

Vitalik bought 25% of his cash:

Satoshi’s holdings:

Satoshi could have mined fewer cash that he might have:

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    channel name to try to connect with my viewers on WhatsApp and other
    platforms to scam them. Just so you know, I will never refer you to
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  2. I don't trust any of them and I trust the satoshi mystery even less, I've never be into the wizard behind the curtains telling you yo click your heals three times and off you'll go through the clouds to kansas.

  3. A scammy project like Cardano. Lol, what is scammy about Cardano? People can call it a scam but not pointpoint what the scam actually is. And thats sad, to just repeat a narrative like a parrot without researching yourself. And then creating content.. this is really dangerous, people might listen to your claims. Sad, but I think your channel is rubbish because of that.

  4. Solana is extremely centralized and unreliable. Maybe it can be made less centralized, but the VC's getting in early will more than likely prevent this from truly happening. For that reason alone, I'm out.

    I also hate how in your face it's advertised to us now, especially since Solana is in bed with FTX (and conveniently leaves out a truly decentralized project in Cardano, which is also a top five crypto).

  5. Im trying to understand something about Bitcoin, hope I get some answers here. 46% of bitcoin is mined by 36 companies currently according to Michael Saylor's Bitcoin Mining Council. Looking at how PoW mining is getting more expensive, its evident that alot of these miners will not be able to sustain the mining business and will be bought by the bigger miners, further centralizing bitcoin. Is there some kind of a mechanism in the Bitcoin code to prevent such centralization? Source –

  6. So basically everything besides Bitcoin is pointless and anyone who invests in them are stupid. Thanks for the information. I’ll file that in my FUD drawer.

  7. I don’t disagree. But minus we’ll ride the way up with the billionaires and cash out. I don’t need it to go back to new all time highs to make a lot of cheddar

  8. My biggest bags Are BTC and funny enough SOL. Because for me they have 2 very different operations for me. BTC is my hedge against inflation and is my safe assets. For me I'm looking at SOL from a web 3.0 and technology perspective a lot of institutions are eyeing blockchain technology and SOL is the fastest chain going. There is a youtuber who I would love to see you have a debate with and he's called Invest answers as he always says all roads lead to bitcoin but he does invest into SOL and thinks that crypto/Blockchain is very disruptive.

  9. Camath is not a man of principles nor does he have integrity… he was a former refugee as a child and now he talks crap about those ethnic people in China that are suffering in CCP concentration camps, the women are being forcefully devorced from their husbands and forcefully sterilized. There are forced labor camps too and Camath in an interview said that “he doesn’t give a shit about those people.”

    I hope not just the bitcoin community but ANYONE WITH HUMANITY will turn away from people like Chamath.

  10. ts is very clear example lol…scums.. they look so arrogant. joking it in front of public. wow…it is crazy how it became and they think they are more than god

  11. BTC's enormous value is because it's effectice invested using monopoly money, courtesy Tether. I'm not doubting that Nakomoto's motives were pure, and that he wanted an alternative to the banks. Good points on Solana though, I've researched on its Proof of History mechanism… it's just not practical and they've effectively centralised the nodes. And it's another VC scam, just like most of crypto lol

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