Ronny Chieng Explains Why Chinese People Love Money | Netflix Is A Joke

Ronny Chieng explains why Chinese mother and father need their youngsters to turn into medical doctors and the way the Chinese New 12 months is all about getting wealthy.

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  1. The reason I don't go to see a doctor is that I believe doctors will do harm than being helpful most of time. And chinese don't like to take medications, which is good thing, unless it's threatening to life

  2. He is as good looking as Blankfein, Streisand, Romano, Albert Einstein, Rosa Luxemburg, Klara Cetkin, Goldbloom, Michael Bloomberg, and other Jews. Praise to yellow race! You are the smartest, hard working, wise and very populous. There 3 billions Jews live in the world in every major city especially in rich countries. Chinese culture is the oldest in the world! Chinese people invented gun powder, ravioli, noodles, silk, tea and many more things, Chinese medicine is the oldest in the world!

  3. “Hope you get rich” is more widely used in Guangdong province (people speaking Cantonese). In other areas, people say "Happy new year" more.

  4. thats the reason why they became the szrongest country in the world, in less then 20 years they got from 3rd world country to the strongest country.
    they build skycratchers in a week.
    hospitals in 3 daus..LITT
    ERALLY,im not exegarating

  5. This is the reason why I don't see doctors with chinese last names here in the Philippines. The younger ones especially lack sympathy and obviously they don't even look passionate with their jobs. They just love wearing the uniform. I'm not saying every chinese doctors are like this but most of them are, based on personal experience.

  6. This is ture. Chinese only care about money almost all others are shit. Including religon religious, politics, C*P….
    The Chinese people simply forgot about the shit, so much so that the C*P had to show belligerence, the same applies to Russia.

  7. Can testify. My parents be like, why go to the doctors? Here use this 1000yo traditional ointment. It can heal anything from simple bump, bruise and scar to all the way to laceration, hemorrhage and skin cancer. Apparently i heard it can bring dead people back too

  8. As a Chinese immigrant — this is 100% spot on, especially with the love of money.

    When my wife and I were dating, I used to "prep" her by telling her something to the effect of "watch this: we're NOT going to be able to get through a family dinner without talking about money, in SOME form, at least ONCE, during said family dinner".

    She was floored when she bore witness to that.


  9. It's true, I'm Chinese and pretty much everyone in my family is either a doctor or a dentist, except for my dad who is an engineer, and myself, the failed artist, LOL!

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