Ray Dalio Has a Dire Warning | Bitcoin Will Be Illegal

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Ray Dalio Explains Why Bitcoin Will Be Illegal however is he proper? Billionaire investor Ray Dalio, the founding father of the $150 billion hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, has made loads of noise this week, as he has acknowledged there’s a
“good chance” bitcoin may very well be outlawed. Much like when the U.S. authorities made it unlawful to privately personal gold.

Ray Dalio is wise and has made a ton of cash, and whereas he has emphasised “he isn’t an skilled”. Many occasions he has additionally mentioned that quote; “Bitcoin has confirmed itself over the past 10 years,” and it has by no means been hacked. Even mentioned it’s “One Hell of an Invention”. He nonetheless thinks will probably be banned like gold was about 90 years in the past.

On this video, I’m going to breakdown
– Why Dalio’s interpretation of gold being banned in 1933 is totally improper
– Why that modifications his complete viewpoint
– Precise onerous knowledge, names, and knowledge that refute what he’s saying
– What that you must be watching as this all unfolds

So, let’s go

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  1. Mark: 2 questions: 1: could bitcoin be taxed on unrealized gains? 2: If a person buys from an exchange, and then purchases from an anonymous party who has a hard wallet, will that anonymous party really be anonymous?

  2. Of course bitcoin will be illegal..the parasites don't want us to have financial safety..our cash will be taken away too..They want us financially dependant on them and shoved into transhumanisim through 5G and the Metaverse.
    Say goodbye to humanity as we know it…you will be augmented with Virtual Reality AI.

  3. Ray Dalio is only wrong if the government adopts Bitcoin as the new US currency once the dollar collapses… Otherwise he's completely correct in his assessment of it being banned just like gold. For the same reason you mentioned gold was banned so it wouldn't compete with the dollar. It will be banned to keep it from competing with whatever crypto the government does adopt or introduce…
    So the real question is… What will be the new currency once the dollar collapses because of the insane printing going on right now….

  4. Well, if 10% of the world used proof of work cryptos like bitcoin there wouldn't be enough energy in the world to support the mining. Right now bitcoin is using about 1% of the world's energy and has been banned in China. Ever thought about proof of stake cryptos?

  5. Buy crypto, guns, and bullets. Body armor is a plus as well. Fuck our fraudulent government. The only government the people should support is the constitution. All enemies of America and the constitution should be killed.

  6. I think the problem in the 1920s wasn't the stock market leverage (although high – REG T was only 10%). The problem was really Farm Debt was too high.
    Pres Wilson thought another large war was imminent, so he encouraged farmers to lever up, get more land and machinery.
    More war was coming, but it wasn't that imminent.
    The "Bonnie and Clyde " legend is true.
    Farmers in the midwest were furious at their local bankers (1920s).
    Farm bankruptcies were common.
    Eventually the bankruptcies spread all over, and the stockmarket crashed in 1929.

  7. What makes crypto currencies so attractive to governments is the fact that every transaction is permanently recorded. What better way to collect taxes on every transaction?

  8. Good video but it seems to want to lean you towards the thinking that Bitcoin will somehow be adopted as some mass accepted payment of Financial source.

    The reality is though is 99% of people who work and live follow and trust the rules they have given, the most trusting place for their money is – the bank , not a decentralised crypto coin.

    Furthermore governments and the top 1% will suppress or destroy Bitcoin as it’s out of their control and decentralised.

    Reality is CDBC’s will just make Bitcoin and alt coins irrelevant but some hopers, terrorists and money launders will keep it alive.

    CDBC will be controlled, tracked even more than current Fiat, every movement of that digital coin/asset will be tracked , managed and controlled.

    It’s almost perfect for major nations as they will have comete top down control unlike Fiat as cash is Stil ‘off the grid’ when it wants to be.

    Current ‘1st gen’ crypto will disappear and/or only Bitcoin will be adopted by smaller nations with unstable shady governments this furthering bitcoins shady reputation.

    Blockchain however I feel will underpin the entire financial industry it’s just that mining and coins as we know it wi not exist, they won’t need to.

    IMO when crypt LP coins bust on the release of nation CDBCs only Bitcoin will be left as a non player kept alive by hopium.

    Finally with no disrespect rat dallio a multi billion hedge fund manager who looks back in depth at history and the history of finance Analytically has probably hit the nail on the head!

  9. The Rich are rich not because they look rich, but rather becAuse they possess the skills and strategies of the rich.The rich invest their money first into asset first before purchasing liabilities.the rich build multiple incOme streams to diversify thier income.

  10. actually, now ray Dalio is correct. thanks for the video. he is right because you now explained why he is right not wrong. aaaaand the ROI on other cryptos like XRP or ADA is like 99999 times bigger than BTC even if what you're saying is true. common man

  11. Mark: Is there a way you can find out how many Congress people already own BTC? THAT would be interesting information!! If many do, which I suspect, that would help your thesis that the Gov will be hands off.

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