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On the most recent Patriot Act, Hasan Minhaj analyzes how America turned the primary producer of oil on the earth. Hasan examines how the fossil gas business and authorities, by means of its purpose of “vitality dominance,” are pushing for better oil manufacturing and what that might imply for the atmosphere.

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Oil | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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  1. I love how terrible this position aged, oil over $100/bbl driving up inflation and impacting the most vulnerable Americans. PS emissions from oil drilled in other countries is not confined to those countries. Your advocating we reduce production which increases domestic dependency and energy prices in the name of reducing global emissions (which will effect us either way, emissions are global)

  2. “Oil vs wind” is so ignorant I can’t even begin. Also I worked at a company that manages the major of Texas’s wind assets and they largely wouldn’t be profitable without government subsidies and definitely without market conditions driven by natural gas. Also the two things are not the same thing and renewable supply rely heavily on fossils fuels like natural gas. This video is another example of public willful ignorance to the energy sector, people who flip the lights on with not a thought of where it comes from. People who are surrounded by petroleum products yet despise oil and gas… (sad truth) someone’s gotta keep the lights on and Society moving

  3. I mean….at what point….do we need to drastically and radically increase the punishment for crimes like this…like murder, you get life locked up or possibly death. Rape, you get life, death, or worse than death in prison. What do you get for making massive irreparable and deadly damages to the planet that are contributing to the expedited death of millions. Clearly the punishment being dealt out for these massive cases of blatant negligence that result in deadly accidents like this aren't working in the slightest.

  4. My mom grew up during the Carter presidency and she still keeps her house at 62 degrees in the winter. Sometimes if it’s really cold, she’ll bump it up to 65

  5. And let's not forget Reagan and bush Sr. ' warranted' most of Latin american debt in exchange for control (fe the end of the train network on the entire continent and forcing to buy us oil).
    Not unlike we see and condemn china for doing in Africa right now

  6. A message that is lost between studies and mass media: we need to have our society to break free from fossil and survive that transition. There will never be enough fossil fuel left for a reset to the first industrial era.
    And yes, nucleair and hydrogen (as a transportable and storageable energy) are included. It might not be the ideal lookout, but science will never stop finding solutions.
    Basic resources for solar panels and windmills will deplete, unless we can find a way to harvest solar into silicium without a conductor

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