Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This Crypto Mining Card…

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It’s a disgrace that so a lot of these devoted mining GPUs are ineffective now, isn’t it? However even with no outputs, Chinese language hackers made it to allow them to nonetheless recreation! Or have they…

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  1. hi guys,, i have thinkpad t420 with integrated graphic intel hd 3000,, and mining gpu like you (p106-100) 6gb ddr5 subvendor MSI,, i tried your trick but it not work for me as well. can do you help me with my problem (my high performance GPU still intel HD 3000) ? ASAP

  2. When Anthony speaks it's like watching a foreign movie, I NEED SUBTITLES, obviously I am far, far, below his pay grade, I'll be over here –> sweeping floors.

  3. You know can we get a sorta part 2 ish seeing if putting io on that card????? I'm sure all these cards are possibly binned already but worth the attempt. As like a lil fodder project

  4. before 3 years the stories tell that cryptominers are going down, but now in 2022 we have the worst time for gamers that just want to get rtx 2060 not 3060 or 2080 just 2060

  5. ok i have a dell t7500 workstation with twin 5680s and have a k2200 video card plus a tesla k80 24 gig . its so smashed full from the factory i tore everything out of the case and put it all into a cooler master haf 922 . now it has all kinds of room had to cut wires and slice some thing to get all to work but get it to go and is totally worth it ! to cool the k80 is very easy . you need to use 2 40mm base side out put water cooler blocks . i have a evga clc 120 water cooler ut one line and feed it to the first block . then connect the 2 with the out from the frist block to the in of the second block . then take the out from the 2nd block back to the hose you cut to complete the cooling . the evga fans sucked so i got a $20 Noctua NF-F12 PWM and it works awsome . it works so good that my temps never go over 90 degrees . so i put together the same thing for my cpus and now you cant even hear it run and cpus are at 80 degrees . to combat leaks i used brass barb fittings sealed with pipe dope and used house pex water pipe that i heated up to shrink to the fitting then clamped them . after that zero leaks system has been running for 2 years now non stop 24/7 !!!!

    gpu blocks $25 each

    evga clc $40


    last thing i forgot i use the program speedfan to control my cooling fan speeds

  6. 08:43 Thank you, Linus! Finally someone said it!
    This has been bugging me for years, I cant fathom how Microsoft still havent fixed this.. There are some registry hacks out there, but they dont work stable.

  7. Hey, @Linus Tech Tips

    Nice video!

    I am from Brazil and I was thinking in put a RX 6800 XT Strix LC working together with my RTX 3080 Ti Vulcan OC and, for example, in FC6 (Sh***t performance for GeForce – impossible to have Ray Tracing w/o DLSS – several frame drops) I would switch from RTX to RX.
    My Rigs:

    1 – i9 [email protected] + Maximus XI Extreme + 64gigs DDR4 3200 Tridentz

    2 – i9 12900k + Maximus z690 Formula = 32gigs DDR5 5200 XPG

    I would like to use both on 12900k rig and, perhaps, sell the 9900k (still thinking because of the fuc*ing DRM issue).

    Cheers and kind regards!!

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