New Sanctions Punish Russia For War Crimes | Zuckerberg's Pals At Work Call Him "Sauron"

The U.S. added new sanctions to punish Russia for battle crimes in Ukraine, and famend Tolkein knowledgeable Stephen Colbert reacts to information that Fb staff use a “Lord of the Rings” reference when poking enjoyable at their boss Mark Zuckerberg. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  1. Please, Stephen, do not forget that it's mostly the Russian people – many of whom are against that war, that suffer from the sanctions against Russia …

    As for "potato", that humble vegetable, it deserves all our respect, as its discovery (in South America) and introduction in Europe staved off famine and is still a major (and cheap) element of nutrition:
    "In 1771, Parmentier won an essay contest in which all the judges voted the potato as the best substitute for ordinary flour. This was before a time when France needed a replacement for wheat, so Parmentier continued to face criticism and lack of acknowledgment for his work. The first step in the acceptance of the potato in French society was a year of bad harvests, 1785, when the scorned potatoes staved off famine in the north of France. In 1789, Parmentier published "Treatise on the Culture and Use of the Potato, Sweet Potato, and Jerusalem Artichoke (Traité sur la culture et les usages des Pommes de terre, de la Patate, et du Topinambour)", "printed by order of the king", giving royal backing to potato eating, albeit on the eve of the French Revolution, leaving it up to the Republicans to accept it."
    In 1794, Madame Mérigot published La Cuisinière Républicaine (The [Female] Republican Cook), the first potato cookbook, promoting potatoes as food for the common people. …"
    Source: Wikipedia

  2. Victory is justice done.
    Come to your self senses. Leave all thoughts of war,revenge, justice.
    Ukraine has no RIGHT in this world, losing people. are you now cured of your ww, this is not a world War, exchange your refugees and pow do not fight, right.
    Contact UN, Russian military to sign total surrender, escape, ceasefire and peace.

    Other Ukrainian s have followed the Wise path and gone to other countries, you must go, evacuate, leave your land and save yourself and others.
    there is no case here to break head over. UN must help all pow and refugees with a new citizenship. What kind of leadership, taking million, billion, had you surrendered, lives would have been saved
    Military and personal loss of life because of Ukraine. No, this is Ukraine's crime that is bourgeois . No, this cannot be allowed allowed, appeasing ukraine, war aid is encouraging war and running media, gamers, terrorist countries and salaries, businesses, election lobbying machine, it is an empty revenge and is inhumane and diplomatic when somebody helps.
    Change your citizenship to continue family life or individual for many many years to come.
    Waraid is toys sent. War aid is killing oneself must not be taken.
    Go, apologize, never send war aid again, have a wash.
    Give Ukrainian's EU , US, UK, citizenship,remove all blocks. Change their citizenship to continue family life or individual for many many years to come.
    Let them have their personal life because war wasn't on their mind. No jokes!

  3. Edit button should be counted on how many times you've edited your post/comment. It would help show how competent you are or shows if you even think before speaking.

  4. Sanctions hurt only the HONEST citizens of Russia! Poofaced Putin owns the BIGGEST yacht on planet Earth!! IT IS BLACK & CAN MOST LIKELY BE SEEN FROM SPACE! IT IS FUELED UP & READY TO TAKE HIM WHEREVER HE WANTS TO GO. The braindead MEMBERS OF our CIA can not even prove that Putin owns IT! Even though the Crew List contains the names of his "Personal" Bodyguards!

  5. Wait there's a problem with police officers and violence against women? No, wait, is there a problem with police officers and anger management? No, that's, it must be a problem with police officers and respect/disrespect? No…….it……could it be, a problem with "good cops" not being able to stop "bad cops"? Or maybe it's just a few "bad apples"? Or maybe the institution is so fucking rotten that the entire tree only produces poison fruit.

  6. 8:16 I work at a deli in a grocery store. Can confirm. You have to be 18 to work behind the deli counter, but I don't know why Colbert said it like it's hard to believe when you consider that you are working a spinning blade. I guess it's more of a liability thing.

  7. it's great when war criminals Indict each other, russia vs nato us have effectively indicted each others' ruling systems for war crimes and crimes against Humanity as have people of each area, we can just arrest them all, because the indictments fit each of these grotesque evil monsters for All the Atrocities they have perpetrated.We have to Stop them from arming hitler's nazis, Theyre Just selling to steal billions more thru the corrupt #militaryindustrialcomplex ceos, vps, majority shareholders, boards of directors, their bribed legislators, congress members and senators. Stop the Terrorist Attacks against Americans of Black, Hispanic, Indigenous Ancestry and those living in poverty and Remove All #terroristswithbadges Now, the most direct, clear and present Danger, we need to dismantle the entire #prisonindustrialcomplex.  Also All war crimes indicted, also Indict All war crimes perpetrated by all the regimes, including the current biden/harris war criminals, the obama/biden war crimes regime, the bush/cheney war crimes regime, the clinton/gore war crimes regime, the bush sr/quayle war crimes regime, the reagan/bush sr war crimes regime, the carter/mondale war crimes regime, the ford/rockefeller war crimes regime, the nixon/spiro/ford war crimes regime, and definitely all the Horrific Atrocities architected by the monster kissinger and We Need to know the Real Truths of the 2014 #maidancoup and how zelinsky got installed with nazis into Ukraine's military and the murders perpetrated by nazis. Also All @youthvgov Lawsuits Automatically Initiate every legal systems obligation to implement a GlobalCeasefireNow #globalceasefirenow @sunrisemvmt @extinctionrebellion @fridaysforfuture @unitednationshumanrights @rollingstone @teenvogue @guardian

  8. R9B S6A I cross all of my "t's" and I dot all of my "i's". The following is the honest truth.
    To all prevailing authorities:
    Barton & Clark Investments is an enterprise operated by my aunt, Beverly Clark-Coleman, and devoted to laundering monies earned through the production and sale of illegally-sourced pornographic material such as the show "scandalous", which stalks me relentlessly, breaks into my personal lodgings to illegally place surveillance equipment, profiting from my likeness and image, the things I do and say, transmitting them electronically over the internet without my consent or permission, in direct violation of the Safe Harbor Act, under which I seek justice. Beverly Clark-Coleman harbors at this address the notorious rapist Wayne Johncock and his sexually-deviant children, Will and Christopher. Wayne Johncock was charged on three separate occasions with violent rape. While residing at this address, Wayne Johncock took inappropriate photographs of his next door neighbor's young children playing in their property's water features and showed them to associates of his in the Smalldone and Gardunio crime families. Their next door neighbor happens to be none other than The GOAT, Peyton Manning. Wayne Johncock also manufactured large quantities of methamphetamine in the pool house and basement of the main structure. There are explosives buried around the property. Beverly Clark-Coleman owns a fully automatic Uzi submachine gun, manufactured in Israel, that has not been registered with the ATF. A simple swab of the walls of these structures will prove this. Wayne Johncock, the serial rapist (NCIC-IS will confirm), faked his death with the help of Liz McMahan of Olinger Chapel Hill Mortuary, where the victims of the Columbine tragedy are memorialized. Check the fingerprints of the pedophile rapist stalker Timothy Michael O'Connor of Ward, Colorado. Officer Casey Firko of the Cherry Hills Village Police Department has been compromised by bribery and inducement and must be investigated by Internal Affairs/CBI/FBI.

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