MY NEW BITCOIN PRICE Prediction 2022 | Michael Saylor

MY NEW BITCOIN PRICE Prediction 2022 | Michael Saylor


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Bitcoin Rallies as Futures ETF Goes Mainstream


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  1. This is really a great video, but as for me i make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs. Johnson Brina, her trading strategies are top notch.

  2. your video's are really helpful for getting the latest defi info. I really ppreciate the time you put in to make quality video's. I decided to start up my own using your channel as an inspiration, but with a focus on Tezo projects.

  3. The Achilles Hell for most cryptos is regulatory guidance. Did it ICO or not? Got news for you- Theta Labs never ICO'd and will never have to answer to regulatory commissioners like in the SEC. Probably looking at the next great institutional investment. The Theta token is for governance and represents a patented technology that will eclipse 5G technology. Samsung, Sony, Netflix, Google, YouTube, and many other companies are behind it. Right now it's dirt cheap at $4 plus. In 5 years it could change the internet on a global scale. Could be better than Amazon which is around the $3K level. I'm just saying.

  4. Commodities are relatively scarce, one more than another. Silver is needed for an ever increasing number of industrial applications and there is no viable substitute. Life would not go on as we know it without Silver but it would without Bitcoin, at least as for now.

  5. There will specific applications for each coin when the dust settles. Like investing in certain corporations. But Bitcoin has to find utility before it can be a store of value. Like for example I can go out now and buy a place to live or food to eat with dollars.

  6. It doesn't matter how scarce an useless and scam like thing is ! One BTC can divide in to further one million units called "Satoshi" , so BTC is not scarce even thought it is a Pyramid Scam !
    So truth of the matter is BTC Bulls are dishonest and scamming type of people who always make sure to deceive rest of the World by putting out lies !
    Only people who are truly rational thinking and investigative has ability to understand what is going on in the BTC !

  7. Hello, I'm new to forex trade And have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

  8. I dont get it. It is possible to buy all the BTC that has ever been mined. Then what? What value does it have if one person owns it all? Compared to gold, if you could buy it all, you would see an amazing price increase in gold as people would go nuts to get it to jewlery and so forth. But BTC? No value.

  9. Might just be a finite supply of nothing. I speculate in it hoping to eventually find a much bigger fool.
    I fear that a child will blurt out some day “the Emperor has no Clothes”. Hopefully I sold half my stash the day before.

  10. OK Mr Saylor, I'm starting to believe you. I hope to have at least a full Bitcoin one day to hand it over to my son. And at least one to enjoy myself. But I do believe the sky is the limit, and my battle is with myself. One more thing. What is one supposed to do with a bitcoin once it's acquired? Will we be spending Satoshi's for things one day?

  11. It's crazy to hear him mention that there are two Michael Saylor coins. Months ago, I got absolutely wrecked with Michael Saylor Token (rugpull obviously). I'm still holding a few billion for a rainy day 😉 lol

  12. I'd love to hear Saylor talk about the relationship between bitcoin and the ONLY REAL MONEY on earth… which is human energy. That is the only value add ever, in all things.

  13. This is why I listen to Saylor. DeFi is not going to be what a lot of people thought it was going to be in 2020. The perceived crypto winners will be Coinbase and Binance because that's where the majority of people will buy and sell Proof of Stake coins. The actual winner is and always will be Bitcoin. Buy your children and grandchildren some Sats. They will thank you for it later.

  14. I love that Michael Saylor is a BTC champion. He is so tunnel-visioned though, he is missing lots of other BIG crypto opportunities with higher returns.

  15. I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses.The market is very unstable and you can't tell if it's going bearish or bullish.While myself and others are trad!n without fear of making a loss others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow. I was able to make 13 BTC from 2.1 BTC in just Few weeks

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