Money Laundering & Terrorist Funding Bitcoins! CRYPTOCURRENCY IS A CROCK! CoFS talk about ICOS!

Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency however the Good thing about the Blockchain! Committee of Monetary Companies chat ICOs, look ahead to extra phrase of regulation and nasty remarks relating to the cryptospace!

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Photographs have been discovered on google search and the witness panel have been photos captured from the youtube video.

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  1. I watched it too, and I didn't take it that way at all. They just seem to want more transparent white paper, the ability to go after scammers, and of course taxes. But honestly as much as we all hate taxes, if it legitimizes crypto it would even out. I'd rather pay for protection than pay by hacks, government shut down, or lying icos.

  2. and for that old dumb congressbitch carylon malony i guess in her mind human trafficking never happened before cryptos and last i checked usd is preferred payment method

  3. the united states government is the biggest funder of terrorist groups world wide. when they say something is for our safety and to prevent drug smuggling money laundering terrorists what they really mean is keep it out of the hands of average joe and in the hands of the select wealthy elite.

  4. Absolutely stunning good content video, great job!! No how can we as community stand up to these deciders / influencers that do not seem to have a clue of what the technology is all about and are only bashing it out of fear for the inevitable??? I.e. how do we support Mr Emmer and get more spooks man in these hearings?

  5. If you bought $100,000 of something illegal from me and you paid for it in Bitcoin and the price drop 30% before I could cash it in somebody's going to get a visit in the middle of the night why don't these people bring that up

  6. The thing that they seem to forget is that the U.S. dollar is still the world's reserve currency and is used in most illicit activities. So, what now?! Are we going to ban, the almighty dollar for it's role in drugs, sex trafficking, and terrorism? Gimme a break. He's obviously looking out for his supporters Allied wallet… Just my 2 satoshis

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