Monero Means Money: Cryptocurrency 101, Live from Leipzig (Workgroup Edit)

This movie was #2 in the USA for the weekend and week of April 10, 2021. It was #1 for April 11 and 12.

Friday 12/27: Dr. Daniel Kim speaks on the Essential Decentralisation Cluster
Friday 4/3: Thought conceived; Monero Movie Workgroup assembled
Tuesday 4/7: Draft screener accomplished
Thursday 4/9: Added to IMDB
Friday 4/10: Premiered at Laemmle Theaters
Monday 4/13: Listed on The Numbers because the #1 weekend US field workplace
Tuesday 4/14: Began exhibiting at Tampa Theatre as part of their LIMELIGHT professional speaker collection
Friday 4/17: Proven to an empty viewers at Parkway Theater & Movie Lounge
Monday 4/20: Grew to become the #1 cryptocurrency documentary on IMDB
Tuesday 4/21: Decrypt article
Tuesday 4/21: Bumped all the way down to #2 for the weekend of April 10, 2021 by Phoenix, Oregon
Wednesday 4/22: CoinDesk point out in article
Friday 4/24: Vice article
Sunday 4/26: Cointelegraph article
Friday 5/1: Movie launched without spending a dime

Unique theatrical model:
Contribute subtitles:

Copyright 2021 rCryptoCurrency LLC

0:00 Introduction
1:11 1. Shortage
24:13 2. Fungibility / Privateness
44:17 3. Neighborhood
1:03:41 4. Correlation
1:12:24 Credit

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  1. After watching this documentary, I got convinced. Instead of buying Bitcoin, I'll buy and hodl Monero. The fungibility and privacy issues are too big to be ignored.

    I don't know if this coin will ever be as popular and widely accepted as Bitcoin, but considering it has survived for 8 years even after getting delisted in most exchanges, I'm confident it won't lose its value over time.

    As long as both coins' value keep somewhat correlated, it doesn't make much difference which one to hodl. And I can always swap them anyway.

  2. [6:50] This assumes that the financial crises in question were not created by design ("…if we first assume a can opener…"). [Edit:] Ah, one sees that this was addressed with the use of the word "corruption" [54:19]. Great!

  3. If the BTC coin itself does not have identity then how can anyone say for sure that the BTC I received, the actual coin or fragment of a coin, was once used in a presumably bad actor transaction? I don't see just how a graph of wallet and amount flows is going to give that.

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