Mitt Romney Cracks Hispanic Latino Joke to Donors

–Mitt Romney is recorded making weird feedback about Hispanic voters and Mexicans, indicating that if he had Mexican mother and father, he’d have a greater shot at successful the Presidential election.

-On the Bonus Present: Dalai Lama says faith now not satisfactory, warp drive is likely to be sensible, Muslim film removing denied by Google, extra.

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  1. Uh yeah. Black people voted for Obama because he is black. Of course they did, if they actually understood what he was doing, they wouldn't vote for him. He's hurting them more than he's hurting any other community. Facts are facts people. Stop being sensitive and admit you are wrong.

  2. Good for you. I agree I personally wouldnt fight in any war since its just about rich old men sending poor and middle class boys to fight and die for property.

  3. No Look at Mitt Romney's track record and then takes more shots at minorities because he lost. MITT ROMNEY AND BAIN CAPITOL IS UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION FOR CHEATING TAXES AND LYING ABOUT HIS AFFILIATION WITH THE COMPANY ON IN HIS ELECTION PAPERWORK WHEN HE RAN FOR GOVERNOR (IN WHICH HE SERVED ONLY ONE TERM) Whether Obama is fucking up or not he is in favor for the people, not just rich people.

  4. It's funny how after all of Slick Mitt and Lyin Ryan's lies and dishonesty that was proven to be just that and after how he insulted everybody who doesn't earn enough to pay in at the beginning of the year, fools will still think that they mean them some good. How can you support somebody who says that you ain't shit but a moocher regardless how hard you work just because you wasn't born into an elite family???? That's why we wanted to see Mitt go back to Massachusetts where he not wanted either

  5. HErman Cain got laughed at as some kind of joke. They tried to use him to oppose Obama without the burden of race. If it was a race thing then don't you think he would have gotten further than he did??? It's not about race it's just that we are tired of being trampled over and finally we have somebody who feel our pain in office. If it was Hillary she would have gotten more support than him honestly. The only reason it was a close race was because Obama was black.

  6. Actually the number of blacks on welfare dropped by 3% and the Latinos and Asians are going up and white STILL maintain the lead so before you try to down somebody do your research. Then on top of that WHITES keep all the GOOD JOBS for OTHER WHITES but don't even want to hire an African American but then say we don't want to work. No, whites are trying to keep us down through the good ole suppression game.

  7. Don't mean to be racist here, but its true. A lot has to so with race unfortunately. A lot of voters are bunch of sheep's and the guy running for president is nothing but a wolf in sheep clothing.

  8. Employment in the African American community is 86%, hence no welfare, Many, many GOP voters are on welfare! Research the topic at legitimate sites and cut the ignorant , bigoted talk!

  9. I voted for him because I thought he was the bettor candidate.I don`t vote on Color.I vote I what I believe is best for me & the country.I will vote for Obama again.Because Mittens Is not The answer.Since I am Not Ultra wealthy & will not benefit from Outsourced Jobs.Mittens Is also a Known Union Buster & wants to Raise Retirement Age!!!!!

  10. That's not true. White folks voted for him simply because Obama is a mac. He got a conversation to get what he wants and a mannerisms to fortify his position. Asians tend to be Republican unless born into 2nd generation since they are conservatives; so that vote small percent is almost half and half (no pun intended). Blacks voted because his black. Latinos are split from old and new; making them swingers especially tge racism vs Black. Obama got into the office on a limb.

  11. That's not true. There was no joke but truth with humor. There is more solidarity in the Latino communities than the rest. Hispanic bloc is extremely powerful and being of Latino is a tremendous advantage for their votes. Any worthy politician knows this because not only it's obvious, but been been proven over and over….

  12. No they voted for him because he was Democrat………….If he ran as a republican like Herman Cain he wouldn't have had those votes. Most black people are Democrat.

  13. IT'S TRUE.. 95% of African Americans voted Obama because he's Black (and not Republican). Even though they are more socially conservative than Whites!

  14. So the fact that he percentages are the same doesn't matter to you? You aren't gonna let those facts ruin a racist theory>

    All midterm elections are down in turnout. That's typical. The oppo party usually wins seats in midterms.

  15. I agree, all they do is make a mess, then blame everyone else for it, cause wars and expect the poor to fight them, want to tell people how to believe in god, but do nothing that is worthy of god, they make me sick.

  16. If you think the President is "pushing socialism," you have been watching too much Fox News and listening to too much Rush Limbaugh. That is completely and utterly unsubstantiated by fact. Please do some research and turn off the TV.

  17. Yes my argument has merit and here why, Kerry and Gore where both white Obama is black,which in turn in 2008 brought out the highest number of black voters in history during a election year, the problem is were these voters when the 2010 turn election when the Republicans took over the House? They didn't show up to the polls. Lets go back to 2008 with those black voters the democrats took over the house and the senate. If those voter came out in 2010 the House wouldn't belong to the Repubs.

  18. When did I ever say that? But alot of people subconsiously voted for Obama because he's black lets face it. I'm sure alot of latinos would vote for a Hispanic candidate. Not saying there is anything inheritly bad with that. I just mentioned that I am latino because I dont want people chimming in that I some kind of rascist against latinos for stating the obvious.

  19. I'm not trying to debate what their feelings are as a whole. I cant speak for a whole group of people. I can only speak for my perspective. I didnt say ALL hispanics at any time.

  20. Wow I'm white! That's news to me. I honestly wish I was bullshitting. I just tell it like it is. The Fast and Furious operation was all over the news. I first read about it in The Wall Street JOurnal. Your argument about "being there is completely tenous. I dont need to physically be in the middle east to know things are shitty there, nor do I need to be in Mexico to know that the United States has a history of sponsoring false flag attacks. Good luck shutting me up.

  21. Obama signed for the infinite detention of citizens; he goes after marijuana users like no other — when he himself did weed– and he is also responsible for the numerous drone strikes killing civilians. Also, how about extending tax cuts to the rich? He typically has the left actually sit down, due to his lack of leadership and the rhetorical excuse of 'compromise'. Also, lets not get started on him concealing Bush-era crimes.And there's Guantanamo too. Where is the big difference?

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