MICHAEL J. SAYLOR – Why Bitcoin Is The Apex Property Of The Human Race & How To Profit From Crypto

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MICHAEL SAYLOR – Why Bitcoin Is The Apex Property Of The Human Race & How To Profit From Crypto


00:00 Trailer.
2:44 Brian’s introduction.
3:33 The formative expertise for Michael Saylor of going to MIT.
9:53 Max Keiser and Andreas Antonopoulos focussed Brian’s consideration on Bitcoin.
11:01 The monetary conundrum that focussed Michael Saylor’s consideration on Bitcoin.
19:00 The standards behind Bitcoin turning into an important factor in Michael Saylor’s world in 2021.
27:12 The paradigm shifts of 2021.
32:20 How he knowledgeable himself about Bitcoin and actioned his publicly owned firm’s funding.
43:00 How Michael Saylor can reply those that questioned his firm’s extra technique.
50:51 Bitcoin affords alternative to alter the wealth of hundreds of thousands somewhat than simply the highest 10% of the inhabitants.
57:59 The lengthy crucial, studying from progress of the previous.
1:04:14 Bitcoin is a expertise, not a speculative, uncorrelated asset.
1:10:08 DeFi and CeFi quadrants defined together with evaluating Bitcoin to Ethereum and Tether’s impact.
1:25:07 Investor quadrant: are you a saver or investor, a dealer or a speculator?
1:36:24 Company adoption of crypto foreign money investments together with Elon Musk’s enterprise into it.
1:42:56 The function of China in cryptocurrency.
1:49:47 Ought to folks mortgage their home to purchase Bitcoin?
1:56:49 Brian’s summing up.

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  1. Would be great if Micheal invest in mining bitcoins using environment friendly technology for energy. It’ll change the narrative

  2. September 2019. Discovered crypto with one of the Brian episode at that time. Thanks a million Brian to have changed my life.

  3. Information is free. Opinions cost money…and most opinions are worthless. Choose freedom. Ditch the universities and live life and observe greatness. Rinse and repeat.

  4. Education is not necessarily improving yourself. You can graduate university and be an educated derelict. Improving yourself is a power within available to everyone. You have the power but, if you’re not King of your world; someone else rules. Be King.

  5. Doesnt this claim rely on being in a free society? I mean lets say a communist dictatorship takes over and they ban it from being used won't it be useless? I mean if our govt forces companies to enforce vaccine passports what's to say they won't do the same with banning bitcoin?

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