Life After Mining Ethereum Ends

On this video I focus on my ideas and opinions on life as a GPU miner after Ethereum mining ends.

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  1. Mr. Fox, your video doesn't seem to mention that tech advances aren't going to play a factor in your decisions to sell/hold your current mining hardware. As you said, you'd turn off your rigs for "6 months, a year, 3 years, I don't know". In 6 months, the new AMD and NVIDIA cards will be out. In 1 year or 3 years? The electronics industry is usually moving forward in speed, power consumption, size of components and storage space.
    So the question is, Do you sell your cards now and use the money to buy updated cards in the time frame until mining becomes profitable again OR do you hold on to your cards and start mining again when mining is profitable? Now, keep in mind, it wasn't that long ago until 4GB cards could no longer effectively mine coin and 8GB became the new standard. How long until your 6GB or even 8GB cards are phased out? Would it have been more profitable to sell your cards early (potentially at higher prices) and hold onto the money to buy new(er) cards in the future?
    That's the big question… I don't have an answer. I'm sure other people have thought of this too. I just wanted to plant this ugly seed in your mind so you can have more information to base your decisions. We are facing interesting times, as you point out. Good luck to all miners out there!

  2. Why wouldn't you continue to mine when it's not profitable? For when it is you'll have mined so much more than shutting off your rigs.

  3. I'll be selling my rigs while GPU prices are still high and using the money to buy Bitcoin ASICs. The next most profitable coin has 0.14% the market cap of Ethereum. After Ethereum, there will be no security at all in GPU mining.

  4. I’m considering getting into GPU mining. But I’m going to wait to snap up all those GPUs on liquidation sale when ETH moves to PoS. GPUs are too pricey to jump in now with no clear direction where the community is headed or what coin will be next.

  5. What happens when carbon credit costs are needed for all those 1000's of computers needed to compute a single Bitcon transaction? Inflation hedge? Real Estate, Gold, Silver? Cash flow positive stocks and rental properties? Where was Saylor for the 10 years Bitcon traded under $100? So.. how will he cash in on the collapse? Puts on his own stock? Selling Calls? Micro Strategies MSTR buys Bitcon, creates hype, Bitcon goes up, MSTR goes up because their Bitcon asset is worth more making their stock price worth more, they issue more stock or take on more debt in order to buy more Bitcon sending Bitcon higher, create more hype, borrow more to buy more Bitcon rinse and repeat…. over priced stock chasing over priced Bitcon chasing over priced stock, tulips used as collateral to buy pixxy dust. What's Bitcon worth? Ask the next greater fool who buys it. He'll say more. What's the present value of future cash flows on any investment? Some quantifiable dollar value. Bitcon? No one knows. What happens when carbon credit costs are needed for all those 1000's of computers needed to compute a single Bitcon transaction? What happens when all the Chinese Billionaires are done moving their money out of the country? What happens when the central banks create their own digital coin? Do you think Bill Gates would own the stocks he owns or would be buying farm land if he thought Bitcon was a better bet? Saylor is an opportunist. His business is shrinking so he's buying Bitcon because of what I think is a temporary phenomenon, Chinese trying to "disappear" their cash, and perhaps people getting paid off to implement policies related to Con Vid. Crypto currencies are just as infinite as fiat. Dog coin? Ethirian? PonZies are fun while they last. It'll probably trade somewhere in the range it did the first 10 years of its existence or due to power consumption taxed into oblivion. They could've easily backed each coin by a given quantity of metal, say a slug of copper. But no. That would have put a lid on the hype.

  6. Around %65 of 700th eth mining will be gone Due to asics/singe gpu hobby miners & electric sell outs. So when you do the math, It is sitt profitable. But GONE are the days of a single gpu bringing in 5-10 bucks a day. After the redistribution of whatever is left from the eth mining power to other altcoins, the system will find its equlibirium and a 4 dollar profit a day on a single 3070 gpu will look more like 0.87 cents at BEST

  7. This feels like this is the time where miners are somewhat beginning to feel the deep winter from the world. Some GPUs will find their new owner, some will just hibernate like turning off and letting a spacecraft travel into deep space- turning it on again after it successfully reaches a point in time. To really think about what's next and to be honest, I don't know what will happen to the massive community of miners all throughout the world. We can only hope there is a chapter in this story that the snow will melt and the sun will say hello again.

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