Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: RACIST biased Judge Bruce Schroeder? Makes Asian joke

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Is Judge Bruce Schroeder racist and biased? Crying on stand mocked by Hollywood, ‘Horrible f—ing actor’, please subscribe so that you by no means miss a video!

The teenager is accused of killing two individuals and wounding a 3rd throughout police brutality protests in Kenosha final yr.

Rittenhouse is charged with two counts of murder, one rely of tried murder, recklessly endangering security and unlawful possession of a harmful weapon by an individual below 18.

He was 17 when he and a minimum of one pal mentioned they traveled to the Wisconsin metropolis from Illinois to guard native companies and supply medical assist after two nights of companies being looted and set on fireplace.

White Tears

Although Kyle Rittenhouse did not appear to shed any precise tears on the stand, D.L. Hughley is satisfied the jury will imagine his “efficiency is actual” … and it very probably might result in his acquittal.

The comic/activist’s evaluation of Rittenhouse’s emotional testimony is fairly blunt — worst appearing since Stacey Sprint — however Thursday on “TMZ Dwell” he mentioned it will likely be adequate to sway jurors as a result of a “white dude crying with a haircut may be very sympathetic.”

Hollywood Reactions

Hollywood is talking out over a video exhibiting Kyle Rittenhouse crying in courtroom whereas testifying in his homicide trial.

On Wednesday, the 18-year-old broke down on the stand in a Kenosha, Wisconsin, circuit courtroom as he recounted the August 2021 taking pictures that left two individuals useless and one injured throughout final yr’s Black Lives Matter protests.

“Kyle Rittenhouse is a assassin. The Finish,” actress, Rosanna Arquette wrote on Twitter, whereas actor Dave Bautista fumed, “F–k that child!”

The video, which reveals Rittenhouse crying hysterically, additionally drew a response from Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James who pressed ship on a tweet asking Rittenhouse, “What tears?????”

“I didn’t see one,” James added. “Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads earlier than strolling into courtroom.”

Judge Bruce Schroeder is problematic

Prosecutors can’t name these shot by Kyle Rittenhouse ‘victims.’ However ‘looters’ is OK

Prosecutors within the prison trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, {the teenager} who shot and killed two protesters final yr in Kenosha, Wis., won’t be able to seek advice from the individuals he shot as “victims,” a decide has dominated, whereas protection attorneys could possibly name them “arsonists” or “looters.”

Asian Joke and Bias

Earlier Rulings

Kenosha County (WI) Judge Bruce Schroeder first began getting observed early in his 40-plus-year profession on the bench. In 1987, he made headlines requiring AIDS exams for intercourse staff. Instructed he’d be challenged for violating civil liberties, Schroeder mentioned, “I hope so.”

Folks Don’t Like Him

By 2006, Judge Schroeder had such a foul status for his outrageous fashion – and stiff sentences – that tons of of defendants had requested a distinct decide, inflicting a large backlog in Kenosha County courts

Public Shaming of Retail Theft

However Schroeder’s callous cruelty did not change. Simply this yr, the appeals courtroom overturned the decide for “public shaming” of a 28-year-old lady convicted of retail theft. He’d dominated the girl could not enter a retailer with out telling administration about her prison previous

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Judge Asks Jury to Applaud Protection Witness

Trump Ringtone / Tie

Trial Explodes: Protection Seeks Mistrial

Aggressive to prosecutor

Aggressivvely berates decide.

Blow-up at Rittenhouse trial over enlarging pictures and video

Judge Berates Prosecutor

Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse trial makes inappropriate Asian meals joke

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  1. And you talk about race when this case has nothing to do with it it was just a corrupt media spin and your idiot president woops i mean Dementia ridden cognitively declining perjury master illegitimate president racist Biden who was close to members of kkk and looked up to and idolized just goigle it my bad You say Kyle shouldn't be there but these 2 guys that are criminals should be there that doesn't make sense he wasn't walking around with a rifle as a vigilante look at the whole situation it was a 3rd world country at the time If there work there I feed some stray animals by my house if there were mobs of people attacking the buildings behind where I feed them I'd be shooting people too Also the 2 criminals that were Killed where they're doing criminal actions Kyle was cleaning graffiti baby administering 1st aid to everyone everyone and helping people hes a good kid America needs more kyle's

  2. You are getting roasted for opinions that fly in the face of the factual evidence. It signals an unwillingness to participate in reality.

    JB was shot after violating a protection order, after he was tazed two times, and was armed with a knife.

    Schroeder is a democratically appointed judge initially.

    I don't believe Huber or Grosskreutz were witness to the Rosenbaum incident. They were 100% operating on 'hear/say'.

    On Rosenbaum: Didn't you see the video? Rosenbaum chased KR into an enclosed space after earlier threatening to kill KR.

    On Kyle the 'EMT'. So what if he's not an EMT?

    On the straw man argument of a black person going to a MAGA rally: Why would they be attacked? And if they were attacked they have the same rights as Kyle Rittenhouse, Kenneth Walker, Andrew Coffee IV (look the last two up).

    The judge did NOT make a joke about Asian people. Citation please! He joked about food coming from Asia and the backlog of shipping. For pete's sake try reconnecting with reality.

    The Police Chief is correct. If people out there didn't burn down 40 buildings, a car lot, causing over $50,000,000 in damage because police aren't allowed to do their job, this wouldn't have happened.

    Mention Kenneth Walker and Andrew Coffee to Mr. Hughley.

    Agree I wouldn't say that the three aggressors should have been killed due to prior's.

    No the Judge didn't say that the defense could straight up call them looters. His instructions were if evidence can be presented that they are looting then they could be called looters, rioters etc…

    And if the prosecution had a witness that served in the military they would have stood and been applauded. But I agree that Judge Schroeder could have just acknowledged Veterans Day and been done with it.

    One measure of a judge is to look at how often they are overturned on appeal. Judge Schroeder has a pretty good track record.

  3. My opinion no tears he was faking squeezing his eyes to try to cry but ain't nobody told him to come to another state wit any weapons that he use on 3 protesters and killed two no not fair

  4. Ptsd and complex ptsd does cause idiosyncratic emotional responses especially cptsd. He could have had cptsd and now has more trauma simply by being attacked and traumatized himself killing someone

  5. No he cross state lines to acquire the gun that was locked away for him until he was eighteen years old and he took it from the house during the riots because the father The stepfather of his friend took them all the guns out just in case their house got attacked and so Kyle Rittenhouse went and took his gun without permission. He crossed state lines to do that but he did not cross state lines with the gun.

  6. Just stop. I'm so glad less and less people think like you and general consensus in comments are more frequently that of sanity and rational thought. Unlike you.

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