Is Bitcoin Used By Criminals On The Dark Web?


Bitcoin is utilized by criminals. Bitcoin gained plenty of early recognition for it is use on the darkish internet market, The Silk Street. Following the shutdown of The Silk Street, bitcoin continued for use by criminals for criminal activity. Edward Snowden even used bitcoin to pay for servers for his fames NSA leak, which though was technically unlawful, many would argue he’s a hero and did the correct factor. Though bitcoin is utilized by criminals, IT IS NOT A “CRIMINAL CURRENCY”. The time period “legal foreign money” doesn’t make any logical sense and I’ll clarify to you why on this video. There is simply good and unhealthy cash, or mentioned in one other means, foreign money that persons are keen to simply accept and foreign money that persons are not keen to simply accept. Much like FIAT {dollars} getting used for crime resulting from their perceived worth, bitcoin together with monero are used for funds, as a result of they’re seen as precious cryptocurrencies.


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  1. Who cares, government politicians & banks are the biggest criminals. BTC is all about stopping them from stealing wealth.

  2. @The Bitcoin Express — I totally know where you are coming from and how you 'think' Edward Snowden is/was a "hero", or good guy …

    The fact is, he is not a "hero"
    Edward Snowden was a complicit, willing participant in committing a major violation against Americans & other, by his development of a pipeline that siphons OUR DATA into different pipelines / directs.

    Snowden had a choice & he chose to do do evil — again, you and many reading this are not aware of the REAL STORY behind Edward Snowden, what he did, and the narratives they lie to is about.

    Can this be proven, or can I direct you to material that can back that up?

    The answer is YES.

    Anyway, Thanks for the Brief (PSA) about (BTC).

    And you are correct. Cash/ fiat money can be used by decent moral people to do every day honest, non harmful transactions,

    and it can be used by immoral, nefarious characters to do bad, criminal type things, that are harmful — from official Government Agencies, to Secret Agencies, Occult operations, cartels, etc, etc.

    Same applies for (BTC) and or any other number of Digital Assets. What applies for Fiat currency, also applies for Digital Currency. The caveat is — or is supposed to be, is that due to Blockchain and transparent ledgers, it is slightly more difficult — a few more hoops to jump through to cover tracks, and or launder the loot.

    Thanks — Take Care.
    @The Bitcoin Express [ @TheBitcoinExpress ]

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