Is Bitcoin Halal | Should You Buy Any Now?

We have been writing so much on Cryptocurrency and blockchain. Here is a whole information right here:

Now we have additionally sharia-screened the highest 50 cryptocurrencies right here:

Here’s a fatwa compilation:

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00:00 – Introduction
00:49 – Is it haram or halal?
01:47 – Is bitcoin a superb funding?
03:54 – What’s a superb crypto funding technique?

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  1. Crypto currencies are not halal.

    It is a digital currency whose market value is determined by speculation.

    Blockchain isc technology for storing information and general public does not need to be aware of that.

  2. Prophet Muhammad SAW's beautiful message for Muslims – Whomsoever helps Muhammad Qasim is as if they have helped Khatimun Nabiyeen Prophet Muhammad SAW, and those people will be with Prophet Muhammad SAW on the day of Qiyamah. Qasim Dreams Come True

  3. The comment sesion is full of scammers. They are playing a well planned game. Coming in a group and making comments for promoting their business. Please delete such comments. They are acting like nobody is noticing them.

    Great video btw.

  4. Hello everyone. I’m actually looking for a good trader that can help me trade and make good profit… but it very hard to see trusted one. Any idea?

  5. Yet again, so disappointed to see the restive state of so called moulanas while Waqar was explaining as if they consider themselves as experts in every field, especially, Mr Fazal. This is so hilarious to hear when he talked of research and giving verdicts as experts. They needs to understand Google search is NOT research. They appear very superficial in modern day scientific, technological or business concepts. If any government took control of bitcoin operations, it would become like any ordinary exchange at a government regulated bank which will defeat its original purpose. In fact, our moulanas struggle hard with any new idea, they wait for it to succeed in public domain and then they fall in line when they see its obvious benefits to suit their ends, like the use of loud speaker, radio and TV.

    Waqar has explained the technical operations of bitcoin in a program very nicely but he was interrupted before he could elaborate on his original statement: Nothing is either good or bad but how it is used makes it so. I believe, despite whether crypto has any solid base like gold or is backed by government assurances, Islam's major concern is whether the currency/ money is used in fair, just, legitimate (halal) businesses/ purposes. It is a well known fact that only a few types of cryptocurrency are being used or are depend on making profits by doing some illegal and/or unethical businesses such as, to support terrorism, support Islamophobia, defeat and cause an Islamic state or Muslims to fail or defame, buy or sell illegal drugs, alcoholic or dangerous weapons to exercise unjust, unethical political and/or military influence in many regions of the world. Quick profit or quick loss does not change the validity of the business as far as it is legal and not harming people.

  6. The Prophet ﷺ) said: "What is lawful is evident and what is unlawful is evident, and in between them are the things doubtful which many people do not know. So he who guards against doubtful things keeps his religion and honour blameless".
    (Sahih al-Bukhari 2051,Sahih Muslim 1599)

  7. Hello I'm new to bitcoin trade and i have been making few loses, but recently i see a lot of people earning from it , can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  8. I am an Uyghur Muslim, in my opinion Cryptocurrency is Halal, because it belongs to public, it does not belong to any government or it does not belong to any bank, that is why it is called decentralized currency, so no any bank or no any government can control it, but the money that you are using before (US dollars or Euro or others) is called centralized currency, it is highly centralized to banks and governments, the banks and governments are controlled by a group of secret rich evil people who are causing war…, so the more money centralized to bank, the more power to group of rich evil people have and the more war they will create for us and more Muslims they can kill like china. china killed more than 3 millions of Uyghur Muslims last few years. if you are real smart Muslim, just use crypto currency as much as possible, in order to destroy those bankers and those bad governments and others, cause you do not need bank for crypto currency, you could use just cell phone can send and receive crypto currency money in a minute at anywhere on the planet as long as you have pocket WIFI or have signal data on your phone. you do not need visa card, you do not need address, do not anything for sending or receiving or selling or buying it, just need a digital wallet address. that is why nowadays bankers, governments and a group of rich evil people get scared, because they can not control crypto currency money any more which means they con not control money and they con not control the world and people anymore.

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  10. Big ups to the expert dentonhac on t e l e g r a m and their website forensicnerdscom they prove undoubtedly to me his philosophy which is that There’s no point to living life unless you make history and the best way to make his tory is to help others. Thanks for restoring my life i had almost lost hope of ever recovering my lost 5 BTC

  11. I don't consider renting passive income unless you have professional property management. Most people who rent don't count their time and effort needed just to make a tiny return on their massive investment. For example, you invest $599,000 to buy a second home and rent it out for $3000 a month. Let assume you are cash flow positive on the property and you make $1000 a month or $12,000 a year. What would your annualized return be? 2 percent on the entire amount. Now, you can argue that your return is much higher since you only put down $120,000 on the property. However, you are on the hook for the full $600k regardless of what the future FMV of the house is. Furthermore, people assume that their home will always appreciate in value however, this is a false assumption you can make. In the best case, you will gain some capital appreciation thanks to the central bank increasing the money supply, however, if inflation heats up, you can see your property actually start to lose money in real terms. This is because there is an inverse relationship between housing and nominal interest rates. The central bank will attempt to slow down inflation with higher interest rates and curb lending. We haven't seen inflation in a big way but we can see all the massive stimulus money that the government is pumping turn into inflation while taxes will be hiked to pay for all the COVID spending, your best choice is to look into [email protected] dentonhac on t e l e g r a m or visit the website forensicnerdscom

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