I bought/traded 100% of my Crypto Portfolio. [no joke] clarification in feedback.

I simply bought ENJIN! Examine the feedback for extra info on how a lot I bought and why.

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  1. A lot of people asked me to share if I sell/trade. This is not really selling (more like a trade).

    However, I sold almost all my coins with the intention to buy again later today, in some days, or weeks!!! Nothing changed about my opinion for enjin, vet, herocoin etc.

    Most Big YT channels selling and posting the bull market is over is imo very dangerous. I personally DONT think that the bullmarket is over. Just trying to get a extra 20%+.

    I was wondering if i should even upload this video since most of the experts I personally know, keep holding. So you should probably rather do what they do and not what i am doing. But since so many of you wanted me to let you guys know when i sell I still do it. Even if its just for some days. Exact Explanation video tomorrow.

    Please however do not see my opinion as financial advice. It could also be the wrong thing to do and this is the perfect dip to buy as I did the last 10 times. With everything going on from elon musk, to binance news, to summer coming, to countries opening up again, to general market negativity through big channels, it is very hard to say how this continues short to midtherm. However once it looks more certain again I will buy in again.

    I also think however that this is very good for the market longterm and maybe creates a bullmarket with a pause the following months. Basically a crypto winter for the summer and we see a second phase starting from sept/oct. But as i said exact explanation tomorrow. 🙂

    Just be aware of people screaming hold hold hold because that happened in 2017 2018 aswell.

    But as i said i still think that we will see the craziest altcoin season starting soon.

    If the facts change, successful people always change their opinion. -julian hosp

    Could easily be that I buy in again in some hours, tomorrow again or the next day.

    This is planned to be a shortherm trade to make 20%+.

  2. 17 of may you sold all your portfolio…. 19 of may coming a big market crash 50% dump….. you are a top investor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Respect!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow. I think you lost ALL credibility going all in on Enjin a few weeks back and now selling up. You say you're not a financial advisor, but you created a YouTube channel about investing, seems like financial advice. Telling everyone that you're successful and you've made millions on investments, then telling everyone you've gone all in on Enjin is surly going to influence people. Considering you gained followers because of Enjin, is the same reason you'll lose your followers because you've given bad advice and sold.
    If Enjin pumped, you'd be taking the credit for the advice.
    Now Enjin is falling, will you take any blame for the advice?

  4. I just don't understand why people buy to sell at a loss. I mean it makes sense for options or if you know a company is going bankrupt, but why do that with something like enjin, that has arguably one of the best use cases for nfts and gaming??? The price is subjective!! What happens if you buy in again or buy another coin and the price drops again? "Buy low sell high" doesn't mean sell low to buy lower. Buy at a decent price hodl through the ups and downs and sell for gains. You can't predict the market and trying to play every opportunity will drive you insane.

  5. I dont want to be bearish but have you heard of the Wykoff Distribution Schematic, Marc? This is a pattern which Bitcoin follows EXACTLY. Based on this you can see that BTC could hit the 28k level before continuation to 100k and further. This may be bearish for Enjin and Co. but longterm wise it is super mega krass bullish….

  6. Pure example of panic selling…..thought you were all in favor for Enjin and having a strong HODL mentality, clearly not, total disappointment. You can’t be selling everything because the market is 'crashing' and then tell us you buying again just few hours later..where’s the HODL mentality at now? Get a grip. Cheers anyways for transparency, en route to a rebound..

  7. As already mentioned several times, your videos are dreadful . Not even a single one of your predictions met the target yet. thats not easy in a bull market. Please also stop to spamming people. There is no fundamentals in your statements, just bullshit. Sorry but not everyone should make youtube videos

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