How to Convince Family & Friends to Invest In Bitcoin!

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How to persuade anybody to purchase Bitcoin!

The opinions expressed within the video are for basic informational functions solely and usually are not supposed to offer particular recommendation or suggestions for any particular person or on any particular safety or funding product. It is just supposed to offer training in regards to the monetary trade.

0:00 Intro
Cash is a medium of alternate and a retailer of worth
Traits: Fungible, Sturdy, Transportable, Recognizable, and Steady

1:00 What’s Cash vs An Asset
Step 1: Preserve it Easy
Step 2: Don’t promote – Educate
Step 3: Concentrate on the know-how adoption

2:00 What’s FIAT
Fiat Cash – Authorities-issued cash that’s solely backed by the federal government’s that issued it
It’s not backed by something like bodily commodities, reminiscent of gold or silver

3:00 Will FIAT As We Know It Die?

4:00 FIAT is backed by Debt
The US Govt can by no means repay the debt. Too large too quick. The one approach they will escape is to INFLATE out of debt. Make it worthless via inflation.

5:00 What’s M1 Cash Provide
and Why Does it Matter?
Infinite {Dollars} – Infinity and Past

6:00 Affect of Cash Printing
Assume 100 individuals on an island and there are 100 apples. Every individual has $1. Now give everybody an additional greenback. Does worth of Apples go up or down?

7:00 POLL:
Has your loved ones family wealth gone up $125.8K over final 12 months?

8:00 Increase in Cash Provide inflates all the things together with Onerous Belongings like Shares, Actual Property and many others. Trickle Down Economics? Shocked Gold has been flat for final decade. Over final 12 yrs family wealth has gone up 5.3X – has yours? The so-called Cantillon impact describes the uneven growth of the amount of cash. If a central financial institution pumps extra money into the economic system, the ensuing enhance in costs doesn’t occur evenly. Closest to cash printer reap the rewards

9:00 Affect on Inventory Market
15% inflation in the present day means the inventory market must go up 15% to remain flat. As I at all times say, Cash Printing Inflates Inventory Market.

10:00 Speak To Me About Buying Energy?
The Debasement of fiat, means the buying energy of your cash falls

11:00 Eradicating the Gold Customary – the influence of cash printing

12:00 How Inflation Eats Your Wealth

13:00 Key Classes
Saving FIAT is a dropping proposition
Proudly owning Onerous Belongings is profitable
Bitcoin is the toughest asset

14:00 How is Gold Completely different to Bitcoin?

15:00 However isn’t Gold the Excellent Inflation Hedge?
That is the CPI Regulate Gold Appreciation since 1970 – FLAT!!!

16:00 Bitcoin vs Gold
From 139 BTC per Oz of Gold to 18.5 Oz of Gold per BTC.

17:00 When you put $1000 into BTC yearly for final 10 years:

4.5M % returns. Not saying it will proceed. Some years are nice some are tough. Avg achieve since inception is 1487% a 12 months primarily based on Jan 1 costs.

18:00 When you put $1000 into Gold yearly for final 10 years:

18:20 Appreciation earlier than Inflation
14K vs 447M

Gold Appreciation LessLoss of Buying Energy
US Govt Revealed CPI – Gold misplaced -9.70% over 10 yrs

19:00 However is CPI actual???

19:10 US vs ROW

19:30 What True Inflation Seems to be Like
Inflation is the rise of costs over time the place every unit of forex buys fewer items and companies.

20:00 Speak to me about Bitcoin Buying Energy?

21:00 Why is Bitcoin Known as the Hardest Asset?
Motive: Shortage. Bitcoin’s core property is that there can solely ever be 21 million cash.
BTC is technically deflationary as a consequence of misplaced cash

21:30 Is Bitcoin Respectable?
Bitcoin is math
Legitimacy is predicated on primarily based on an open system of cryptography
Open supply to confirm that the that the transactions are authentic

22:00 However Isn’t Bitcoin Too Unstable?
That is true. Bitcoin traditionally has very excessive buying and selling volatility.
This as a result of it’s a new asset whose market cap has grown to lots of of billions of {dollars}, from 0 a decade in the past

23:00 However Gained’t Bitcoin be Banned?
Bitcoin is digital. Banning Bitcoin is like making an attempt to ban the web.
However Gained’t Bitcoin be Banned?

24:00 Is Bitcoin Safe?
Bitcoin is probably the most safe laptop community in historical past
It grows safer as extra individuals be a part of the community
Bitcoin worth and hashrate throughout time:

24:30 Speak To Me About Sensible Cash
Some recognizable names who’re all in on Bitcoin:
Paul Tudor Jones
Ray Dalio
Elon Musk
Michael Saylor
Mike Novogratz
Chamath Palihapitiya
Winkelvoss Twins
Raoul Pal
Barry Silbert
Cathy Wooden
Robert Kiyosaki
Mark Cuban

25:00 Am I Too Late?
No, each new know-how has an adoption curve, this reveals Bitcoin nonetheless has an extended technique to go – however we’re lower than 1.5% adoption and bitcoin adoption is rising sooner than the web

225:30 Okay, I Get It Now…How A lot Ought to I Invest?

The BTC Accumulation Sport Plan

Final BTC DCA Technique


That is the most important uneven guess of my lifetime

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  1. Always a great stream but, you didn’t comment on scalability and what options there are when BTC is running very low which is a major sticking point for some people. Or are you simply discussing BTC as an asset and not a currency?

  2. Thank you so much for all the valuable and educated information you provide James! I've learned so much as a newbee from you. You are definitely passionate, giving and my very fav! Hugs from St Petersburg, FL 😉

  3. Any chance you could share those bolinger parameters, or is that asking too much? It'd be fun to take the next step forward and take my investing more seriously.

  4. Am I missing something on James’s math? His $1000/year chart shows total BTC after the first year at 13,333.33. Shouldn’t it be 3,333.33? If so it changes things quite a bit. He just added an extra $300+ million to the equation.

  5. I havent convinced anyone. The closest Ive come is people pretending they are on board. Im all in. Got in at 58,000 as panic buyer but playing the dip game now. My humble goal is 5 bitcoin by mid July. Home equity line of credit at 3% is how Ill do it

  6. Don't convince anyone to buy anything. This can be a stressful ride. Long-term we know and believe in this. But someone who doesn't and was barely convinced to get in will panic at the first sight of red and possibly panic-sell. So if there is any timeframe in which your advice was wrong temporarily, and surely there will be, you'll be the one to blame. And if they give in and sell the damage is permanent.

    Just seems like a way to destroy a relationship. So if someone has taken the time to learn about stuff, and asks for advice, I'll help gladly but cautiously. If they don't initiate I'm keeping quiet about it.

    Not much of a criticism, just explaining my approach. Appreciate the video James.

  7. When you say that bitcoin just crashed through 30k is strangenand it makes you think something is going on.
    You mean to say that there is no real Resistance there
    . It's all artificial?

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