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  1. Prices may of changed since making this video

    please be aware of fake accounts taking my pic and acting as me in the comment section! i would NEVER ask you for money or to whatsapp me

  2. The market cap, now, is nearly 10x then it was in this video, and the price is pretty similar. Meaning, market cap is not calculated from simple equations – it's quite a misunderstood topic.

  3. HAPI is a great asset but you’re a total buffoon. Instead of talking about the fundamentals you make a stupid video that’s just bad math.

  4. I have my HAPI on V2 pancakeswap. Shpuld I transition to V1? Price is different and there is not much liquidity on V2? pls help I am confused

  5. Just curious. I bought 1k in hapi today in trust wallet and it's only reflecting my shares in bep20 but not the usd amount unless I go to swap them. Is this ok?

  6. HAPI have just announced they are partnering with $PROS (Prosper). Prosper is a non-custodial, cross-chain prediction market and hedging platform that solves one of decentralized prediction markets’ biggest problems – liquidity. They are backed by $PROM which recently did a 15x in two days! With such a low cap and with main “competitor” being Augur $REP who don’t even have a working product, I can see Prosper doing atleast a 5x this year. REP is somehow £35 and PROS is £3 so still super super early at such a low Mcap. Please check it out 🙂

  7. Where do you guys store your hapi? E.g. in Trust wallet the value associated with coins is missing… I’ve heard it’s going to be fixed but no mention of when.

  8. You didnt explain how this is going to get these gains other than that it is low cap. To do a 10000x it needs to become the standard for centralised and decentralised exchanges. How is it going to accomplish that? Need some more detailed explanation on the fundamentals not the pumpamentals

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