Graham Stephan Stole From Me

It is actual..
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  1. Please don’t take offense when I say that using your platform to acknowledge a person who does this kind of thing to you is beneath you. Don’t waste your time or energy on people like that. Your followers don’t watch your videos because of titles or thumbnails. We watch your videos because they are good. Period. People like your videos because they are funny and very informative. Also, you are a very likable person with a great personality. Second, when you acknowledge these kinds of people, you are giving them free publicity. I wouldn’t have even known about this guy if this video hadn’t popped up on my YouTube app on my smart tv. In the morning when I have my coffee, I turn on my YouTube app on my smart tv and watch a couple of your finance and crypto videos. This routine has me learning about the markets everyday. I was a little saddened to see this one. Basically because this guy is beneath you. I’d like to see you ignore people like him.

  2. Well played, I love the challenge at the end. Good pr move, speech stat over 9k. No disrespect to the other guy, but I prefer your content.

  3. In a coding class, me and one other coder who never made any collaboration came up with nearly the same solution for an assignment. The instructor literally thought we cheated the system but we both proved that we never collaborated.

  4. Max my favorite crypto youtuber. I usually hate paying for subscription but I subscribed to his patreon and do not regret it. No hate on Graham but people who say they skip coffee to build wealth always irk me

  5. Ahhhhhh… Sir. Max The Honorable… 25 is a truly awesome time in life!! I have some "Old Guy Advice" for you to add to your list of personal goals. I guarantee you'll never, EVER, regret it : Make a point every day, at least once, to specifically identify something, a moment, a feeling, a view, a flavor, .. just something that makes you feel your very own contentment WOW feeling!! Savor it !! It's one of your "CONTENTMENT GEMS." Collect those little beauties up and very carefully save em. They are life's true and real profits. The one who dies with the most "contentment gems" is the real winner !!! Trust yur old guy on this one!!

  6. seems he's a serial copier and that's ok to him? I've had my whole channel name used as a keyword and the channels using it done so much better than me, uhh always the bridesmaid lol cheers Donna BTW love how you called him out lol

  7. Max, I have only watched 2-3 video's of yours. I appreciate your financial breakdown and think you are great. That said, you don't need to over explain yourself… Just call him out.

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