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    #xrp #ripple #bitcoin #ethereum #litecoin

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    I am not a licensed financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for entertainment purposes only. You should not buy, sell, or invest in any asset based on what I say in these videos. You should know that investing carries extreme risks. You could lose your entire investment. This is not trading advice and I am in no way liable for any losses incurred.

  2. Fidelity is where you can search for your Strawman (birth certificate bond) on the stock market. I did it a few years back and found mine by using the cusip number on my birth certificate and my Australian Centrelink number (like your social security number). We are all worth a fortune and if you have not herd of NESARA or GESARA I suggest you get on it… No more income tax is part of it… and what is Trump wanting to do… end income tax. I think something big is coming just pray he wins the election

  3. The dollar was backed by oil, wasn’t it? The petro dollar they call it. Any time the petro dollar was being threatened the US would send their military to the Middle East and claim to be overthrowing a tyrannical regime.. In reality, they were protecting their investments. Our President was calling out the Federal Reserve during his election campaign and was critical of them for years. Now he’s in office and from what I understand, had the National Treasury absorb the Fed. The US control it’s printing press once again. That’s why Trump is always saying we have “unlimited” funds. And I mention the petro dollar because it seems Trump is pushing it towards collapse. He hasn’t started any new wars in the Middle East and is actually helping to bring peace.. Something I didn’t think I’d see happening in my life time.. He also made us oil and energy independent.. So there’s even less need for the resources overseas. Does anyone else see this happening and know where I’m going with this? Not too mention the price of gold moving up, Ripple execs meeting with the Trump admin, the trade deals he has pulled off, the tax and regulation cuts, exposing the supply chains in China, bringing back manufacturing etc etc.. This man spent the last couple years laying a foundation for a NEW economic system to replace the fraudulent and corrupt system we have now. OH and Judy Shelton, his appointee, is pro gold backed and pro crypto.. Guys, this stuff is NOT a coincidence and it is NOT being done on the fly.. In my opinion, this was planned long in advanced and they had to unroll it as strategically as possible.

  4. Been following you and some others for a while now. Been xrp holder longish term, buying in a few years ago and xrp is still at around same value.

    I do like this crypto or would not have held this long, but someone has to explain to me why this crypto is not going up in value with all the supporting news that I have been hearing every day.

    I do know when everyone starts to expect a big jump in a stock, they sell on the news, just like gold sold off at market open today on Fed remarks.

    Down over 5% this morning. This has to be held down by the hands who have control over all the available xrp. But why? I just don't get it as not one positive thing that has happened (like Spark), or bank custody of cryptos, Fidelity starting up with crypto fund, and on and on.
    What's up for any who may care to respond as I just don't get it.

    Not planning on selling and will hold on my nano and just forget about it, as I have done for the greater part of 2 years. But still I wonder why no increase.

  5. I have been doing some research on Bitcoins and Bitcoin Investment seems to be an easy way of earning money. Can anyone please recommend a good Bitcoin expert to help me make money on Bitcoins?

  6. Selling the idea that "high inflation is a good thing" is really saying, "We fucked up, and there's no way out of this, so we're going to run shit into the ground. Go fend for yourselves."

  7. Good advice DAI, think what could happen if gold, silver get changed to real value on the world debt clock. Actually silver will pay the biggest percentage and you can buy coins for $30 right now. That means people with less money will be able to afford some coins. Today turning a $30 investment into $4000.

  8. I don’t know how you have 590 likes with 5.4k views. It takes 1 second to like a video. I know the pain though I’ve made a few videos myself.

  9. Last time the FED raised rates we had 2009. Putin calls for the dollar dump. Timing is everything. Get ready folks!
    Also, hurricanes heading for LA refineries will create a gas shortage. Fill er up!

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