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  1. Alex, you've already been such a hero here on earth and got 5 or 6 vaccines. Would you even technically qualify as being the first vaccinated on Mars since it wouldn't be your first?

  2. Kyle is going to jail. If you go to a riot with an AR-15 What do you expect lol. If he stayed in it would not have happened. If I did that in Wales I'd get life without patrol. And that's without firing a shot! Kyle asked for it basically. Rambo style.

  3. What law did the hockey player break? A 'mandate' is NOT a LAW. So even if he lied, there was no LAW to be broken in the first place.
    They are making and rewriting everything as they go along.

  4. Pushing back the moon landing again? They’re just so low on money. So sad. They can’t survive on millions a day. Can we get them a billion a day please. Maybe then they can bring back the technology.

  5. ººOur science is totally dependent on gravity and yet gravity doesn’t even pass as a hypothesis. Because there’s nothing at all to be measured or tested, but not only do they get away with calling it an accepted working theory, they use to it explain everything. Gravity is merely a law of authority, it’s based on social proof only. It’s not a law of physics. It’s an incantation, a lie.
    It’s dark magic called science and we have all been under this spell for a very long time.
    What kind of law says that if we can get high enough then we never have to come back down ?
    ºIf gravity can bend even light than how is it that Helium and Hydrogen (The two most abundant elements in the universe) completely defies gravity's effect ? It has been over four hundred years and not so mush as a single graviton has been isolated.
    ºThere’s no experiment for gravities validation nor can it be demonstrated or reproduced.
    Calling falling objects gravity bound is like calling stolen goods, free.
    ºThings do not fall to the center mass of gravity they simply fall down because thin air doesn’t have the density to support anything heavier than thin air, the ground however does, it’s all about buoyancy and density. (Things that are finer will rise, things that are grosser will sink/fall)
    ºIf it is gravity that keeps the oceans in their beds as the Earth spins a thousand miles an hour then insects couldn’t fly and clouds couldn't float in fact everything would be crushed.
    ºIf it’s the Moon’s gravity that causes tides then why aren’t lakes, ponds and streams affected ?
    ºIf gravity could raise oceans then we would feel it, we would weigh less.
    Tides are caused by electromagnetism. Water is diamagnetic and is repelled by the Suns positive magnetic field and is compelled towards the Moons negative magnetic influence.
    ºHow is it that there is no gravitational relationship between the Sun and the Moon ? When the Moon is between the Sun and Earth that's one thing but when the Sun and Earth are both pulling on the Moon then the Moon should be slamming into the Earth unless the Moon changes speeds and trajectory which it does not.
    ºThe Sun's gravity will pull a comet directly towards the Sun's center mass of gravity and yet this same gravity will somehow prevent an impacts from occurring. This is pure monkey science.
    Gravity answers everything that official experts can’t. It’s the gravity of their situation.
    ºGravity failed as theory, it even failed as a hypothesis. It was rejected by its architecture Sir Isaac Newton in 1666 and yet its consider one of the four fundamental forces in nature along with electromagnetism and the weak and strong nuclear forces.
    ºGravity fails as a theory, but it’s accepted as a basic fundamental law of nature ! Think about that for a moment.
    ºOnly an imaginary and magical force such as gravity could make life on a round ball Earth seem possible, which just happens to contradict the Bible and so gravity becomes the law of the land (No pun intended) in accordance with the authority and is strictly enforced in every learning institution in the world.
    ºGravity is electromagnetism which causes density which causes buoyancy

    ººGravity marks the lost of divinity and moral relativity is a portal for perversion. No true up or down. No true right way or wrong way. No true right or wrong. And then the next thing you know, your kids have to share public bathrooms with adults who don't even know what gender they are.

  6. The study of the famous globe, is all based on the earliest marble games, when the circumference of marbles had not yet been smoothly rounded. But they knew the con was a tricky craft from the demon, and just as the arc was forming on the newest marbles ever- they saw the con they could deal to others also.

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