George R.R. Martin Shouldn't Plan Your Wedding

Pink Wedding or Purple Wedding, you positively do not desire a George R.R. Martin Sport of Thrones Wedding.

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  1. …so licks tongue what kinda funeral you want, an open casket with incest or a closed casket with incest and if you want the deluxe feature we can add in some candle lighting with a fuse attached to a barrel of dragons flames…

  2. A parody of CinemaSins:
    0:28 – Actually, George R. R. Martin has revealed that the Red Wedding was the hardest thing he ever wrote.
    0:31 – Those first two menu items sound rather appealing. At the Red Wedding, Martin described the banquet as displeasing for royalty, as the king is served meager salad, a dish made from fish and almond milk, mashed turnips, jellified cows' brains, among other mediocre and disgusting-sounding food.

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