Geopolitics Of Bitcoin and Reserve Currency Status – 6/25/20

Matters Coated In This Video:

– What’s a ‘international reserve foreign money’?
Asset that’s most generally held by nations’ in international alternate reserves

– Why has gold been a reserve asset for all historical past?
Unattainable to counterfeit
Inventory to stream ratio

– Will Bitcoin ever substitute the US Greenback?
If the US authorities continues on it’s path to foreign money collapse it might
US greenback can collapse, however US authorities will proceed to persist as long as they will acquire and spend capital

– Bitcoin on the geopolitical stage
Advantages from having operated in obscurity
Some governments have held on to bitcoin seized from criminals, others have offered on the backside of the bear market.

Nations which were identified to build up crypto:
Bulgaria, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, China, iceland

Nations which have expressed opposition:
USA, India

Bitcoin Mining
Iran has 3% of worldwide hashpower. Venezuela seized hundreds of mining rigs

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