Fed's Bullard weighs in on crypto, Amazon nears deal to accumulate MGM, CoinBase backer talks bitcoin

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Initialized Capital Founder & Managing Companion Garry Tan joins Yahoo Finance’s Aikiko Fujita to debate bitcoin’s unstable weekend after falling about 43% from its latest peak.
Yahoo Finance reporter Brian Cheung joins the Yahoo Finance Reside panel with an unique interview with Federal Reserve Financial institution of St. Louis President James Bullard.
Andre Haddad, Turo CEO, joins Yahoo Finance to debate the automotive rental scarcity and outlook for the automotive rental trade.
Mark Mahaney, Evercore ISI Senior Managing Director & Head of Web Analysis, joins Yahoo Finance Reside to debate the reopening commerce, the streaming area, and outlook in the marketplace.
Foot Locker Chairman and CEO Richard Johnson joined Yahoo Finance Reside to interrupt down Foot Locker’s earnings and why enterprise is selecting up once more.

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  1. Don't believe or worry about the "enviro-loons". Christmas lights consume more electric than BTC. The loons are just trying to create FUD and a distraction.

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  5. There will be an increase and explosion in the next few weeks that will push the BTC up to great increase. If this is the case, this means EXIT for traders , because we then expect a correction of up to 60 percent. Those who are long invested can sit it out with peace of mind … Because technically, after the sharp correction, the price will then level off at 45k to 55k and then attack the 90s. This scenario can last for a period of 7 to 15 months. As I said … long positions, lean back confidently and just don't look at the daily rates. Traders should stay awake from 70 onwards … A setback of 30 percent in a few hours is normal and the next day is minus 30 Percent in your pocket. I have made over 21BTC profits since October not just by buying the dip but implementing trades with signals supplied by Dr. Bruce Olsen. For inquires into a profitable system you can reach out to him on TeIe-qram (@Bruce_trades)

  6. china ban on bitcoin mining is different this time around. The miners are actually packing up and having to move to other countries to mine but it will take a brave country to allow bitcoin proof of work mining giving commitments to achieve carbon neutrality

  7. Wow 99% drop in power, which is 0,0001875% drop in global energy usage. Unplugging our TV when we not watching it would save 2200 times more than proof of stake. This is just more virtue signaling. Globally we produce 160k twh a year. 50k twh of that is wasted. Bitcoin used 0.25% of that. And 76% of that is renewables. We can switch off all crypto projects and we will still be wasting 50k twh a year.

  8. Anyone reading the comments should be VERY WARY of fake accounts and baiting attempts. For example, Beatty Laura and everyone in the comment chain are scam comments.

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