European Problems Reddit is Too American to Understand | Evan Edinger w/ AskReddit

An amazing AskReddit thread got here up about what European Issues the Americans of Reddit are grateful do not exist in America and oooo boy some are spot on!
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The Ask Reddit thread in query:

Thanks a lot for watching! Hope you loved it!

When you’re new to my channel and movies, hello! I am Evan Edinger, and I make weekly “comedy” movies each Sunday night. As an American residing in London I really like noticing the humorous variations between the cultures and considered one of my hottest video collection is my British VS American one. I am additionally recognized for making horrible puns so sorry upfront. Hope to see you round, and I will see you subsequent Sunday! 🙂

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  1. Do you not know about Siesta ? Soooo many countries in Europe have it. It's a problem for Brit's because we tend not to have a nap after our extended lunch, and then work later!

  2. The cost of a German Driving license. Sheer intensity. Well over €2000. l guess it does promote the use of more sustainable Public Transport. But obviously at the cost of the lower Waged individual from ever having the opportunity of personal Car Ownership. Slightly discriminatory. Yet City's Air Pollution would be in reality far, far cleaner. So there is that aswell.

  3. Paying for ketchup in Burguer King is not a thing in Europe, I have never paid for it in Spain. I think that italian waiter earned a few extra euros at you expense.. you know what i mean? You Americans are so naive..

  4. I think one of the reasons we don't have screens on windows and doors is we don't really have that much trouble with insects here in the UK compared to US . At least not in my experienc. Occasionally we get flies moths entering our house but the zapper in the kitchen or living room kills them or the cats do. Here in my part of Yorkshire we probably don't get as much insect activity in our gardens/outdoors anyway as many parts of the US simply because of less insect diversity. I also get a lot of spiders in my garden, in fact I encourage them as they kill pests and I don't use chemicals in my garden. My whole life I've encountered bees in my home about 4 times and a wasp perhaps twice. So perhaps we don't have screens, because well we don't really need them? There are 27000 insect species in the UK and 91000 species in the US. Also the UK's flying insect population has declined by as much as 60% in the last 20 years, sadly. So again much reducing risk of insect invasion through windows. So yes I'm happier to have the double glazing especially when it's a very chilly day!

  5. petrol is 4 x cheaper in the usa then in the netherlands, we pay more for a liter then you do for a gallon (4 liter).
    at least that was the case in 2020, now in 2022 it's more like we pay the same price for 2 liters as a american does for 4 liters but it's still ridicioulusly cheap in the usa

  6. very late to this video, but as a Belgian I can say we have screens xD I have them on my bedroom windows and windows/doors to the yard for in the summer! 😀

  7. 6:00 In Disneyland, paris, you can only smoke at 7, very small, designated spots. Has been like that for a looong time so yeah… Dont throw around BS dude 😉

  8. Here's the thing about many places when it comes to freedom of speech; you have full freedom of speech, just not freedom from the consequences of said speech. I think that's the difference from the US.

    Also, you get packets of ketchup for free here(Norway) at McDonald's and Burger King and the likes, so that one was odd to me.

    Bug screens, yea, those would be useful. I'd like air conditioning more though.

  9. I wonder if there is a correlation between US not having much pickpockets and them having easy access to gun ? Oh and restaurants here are not open in the afternoon because they can stay open until 2am and in Europe servers are kind of PAID for their work hours, something hard to imagine in an US point of view i know

  10. The fact that gas is so expensive doesn't matter much in big cities, but as someone who comes from a village with two busses a day. The high gas prices are horrible

  11. No need to put ice in our drinks. Our drinks are generally smaller than in the US so don't get chance to get warm. Also when they do put ice in they usually put waaaaaay to much then when they fill the cup with drink it still goes up to the same line as it would without ice. Say no to ice, your drink is already cold and you get more drink without it.

  12. About the cigaretes part yes, once i saw ad that if you buy more packs you can win something and then literelly next to it was smoking kills and some picture ironic

  13. I’m from Germany and have never visited Malta before, so don’t quote me on this, but that thing with the closing times in the middle of the day, isn’t that like the siesta in Italy, Spain etc. They close most shops and restaurants for the lunch break, and I always thought that it’s simply because most of those countries are located in the south and have really cruel summers sometimes and when the sun is at its peak it’s just really hard to be focused and work?!?

  14. I like ice in my mixed drinks, you know, on the rocks? And they don't have those rocks; and if you want water with ice (which I DO) they are the most melty cubes I've ever encountered. Yah, I missed my ice while in England….and France…and Italy.

  15. Italian here. Ok I was expecting crazy stuff but most of these are reasonable, like the screens at the windows.
    That being said I found the restaurant bit disturbing. I think it's horrible to expect restaurant personnel to work the whole day so just some random person can show up 3:30 PM to eat. If you want to eat out of meals, there are plenty of options like fast foods, cafeterias or local food "shops". For example In Rome you can find places which sell slices of pizza, and they are usually open the whole day.
    Restaurants are a different story. Food preparation is longer, complicated, made on the spot (you cannot cook stuff earlier and just warm it up) and more importantly, it's suited for "mass production" (aka during meal time). Also you have waiters, cleaners, dishwashers. I don't have personal experience but I think working in a restaurant is extremely demanding. It's only fair that work is limited around meal time. You also have to consider that people start working well before meals (to get everything ready) and keep working after the customers leave (to put everything back in order, clean, check the bills).
    Sadly I'm not surprised by the fact that americans expect to be served at 3:30 pm, judging on how people in the food industry are mistreated. The mere fact that waiters have to rely on tips in order to pay the bills says it all.

  16. Coincidentally, due to Brexit, Covid and Ukraine vs Russia, Petrol prices have near doubled over the course of 6 months.
    I do wish that we had screens though, wasps are the bane of mankind

  17. 4:20 maybe because AC are a catastrophe for the environnemnt and consume a shitload of energy.
    If anythings it's the US that need to scale back its use drasticaly.
    Just a thought…

  18. I am Portuguese living in Germany, and although I admit some of these things are annoying (gas is expensive, lots of people smoke), many things on this list can not be generalized to Europe as a whole. Some countries have payed toilets, others don't, some countries have good cuisine, others don't. Generally you don't need air conditionings nor window screens in northern countries since there are no mosquitos there, and the temperatures are low most of the year. To the south you can buy the screens and install them yourself and many houses have ceiling fans that are a lot cheaper than ACs. Sparkling water is a thing in the Germany, but everybody else hates it. Exactly the same can be said about shops closed on Sundays. On the end it really depends where in Europe you are.

  19. Huh. Ketchup was always free in fast food restaurants where I lived in Europe. Scandinavia, that is. Never in my life have I paid for ketchup at BK or McD.

  20. The paying for bathrooms in Europe thing – though it has to be said it's not true for all European countries or cities – it's truly annoying when you have to go and you have to carry effing coins with you.

    I'm American but I grew up in Europe and most public bathrooms (up until quite recently) only take coins; not cards, apps or even paper money. Who carries coins anymore, really? I guess you have to, if you can't hold it.

    The upside of a charge for using public bathrooms is that they in general are soooo much nicer, cleaner and well maintained than their American counterparts. And you normally get a literal ROOM of your own, with a door that closes all the way from the floor to the top of the door frame, not a nasty little stall with huge gaps where everyone can see your feet and pants bunched up around your ankles as you're doing your embarrassing business and hear every little noise your exit ports make. And the smells. The smells.

    So yes, overall I definitely wish public bathrooms were free of charge everywhere in Europe like they usually are in the US, but I never want to see US style zero privacy unsanitary bathroom stalls take over Europe.

  21. While living and working in the US I was once told that in Europe you don't really need to fly. You can just drive between countries because they're all so close. I mentioned that Paris – Stockholm is 2000km and takes 24 hours to drive at normal speeds. I was then corrected in that my native Sweden is not in Europe because Europe is pretty much Germany, France, UK. When I pointed out that Moscow is also in Europe I thought my colleague was going to have a heart attack. Perish the thought that the commie bastards are Europeans. What makes the story even more amusing is that in a previous discussion where I applauded others within the company who were improving themselves by taking college classes through distance learning or night school, he had argued vehemently that those degrees had no value because in order to get value you needed to "put your ass onto a chair in a proper 4 year college like I did." I'm unsure what kind of degree he had, but surely it wasn't related to world politics or geography. Maybe it was underwater basket weaving. Finishing off this comment I'd like to mention another interesting observation: When my quite numerous English friends talk about Europe, they don't include themselves. They talk about the European continent, and more often than not gladly allude to all the ways England is different and/or better than Europe.

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