E637 Bitcoin & Crypto – Incoming Armageddon Level

Our neighborhood subscribes to Good Cash considering (to time the market) and Optimistic Excellence (to maintain our cash over the long run and be pleased whereas succeeding). There are occasions once we can place ourselves outdoors of the market, ready for value motion to normalize. That is a kind of occasions. Persistence is a key side of each buying and selling and investing. Occasions like this current one of many uncommon occasions that we should train endurance.

BORSOG is a strong rule and permits professionals can make cash in any market – Bull (costs up), Bear (costs down), or consolidation (value ranging). Retail merchants and traders usually can solely make cash in Bull markets. Realizing the hidden guidelines is the distinction between professionals (sensible cash) and retail. Making percentages be just right for you is crucial in being an expert investor/dealer (and all traders turn into merchants anytime they purchase or promote – so figuring out methods to do it is necessary).

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Crypto is unstable,
please put together your self for the most effective and worst-case situations –
actuality will doubtless be between them.

Keep secure on the market.
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Disclaimer: Any data shared on this video is for instructional functions and isn’t to be thought-about as monetary, buying and selling, or funding recommendation. You could do your personal analysis earlier than making any choices.

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  1. Hello Ken! My take aways from this video:

    You told in this video: "One key from this particular video: please look at Bitcoin before you look

    at your beloved alts it really will make the difference to your effectiveness". I heard many times:

    No ALT can escape the BTC gravity. I did learn it for the rest of my life. As it is said:

    Repetition is the mother of learning. Thank You Ken!

  2. Regarding looking at BTC first or alts, I definitely like to analyse BTC first. Something that I also find useful is a chart I set up on trading view that tracks the combined market cap of BTC and ETH (simply type "CRYPTOCAP:BTC+CRYPTOCAP:ETH" in the symbol search).

  3. Hi Ken and Kate and thank you to both of you. D A50N30F20 S35
    1:33 As fear increases price decreases as greed increases then price increase.
    2:03 The support line has now become resistance.

  4. 7:32 Probability BORSOG Synchronisation

    D (A90+ N5+ F5) ~40%

    Price is going down (D) against (A), nowhere (N) for(F)

    Fear index is increasing, currently 24, yesterday was 28

    market sentiment is negative,

    volume is 82 billion, up 22.08%

    VIX is growing (6.11% in the last hour), currently 27.11,

    DXY crossed resistance line 108.448, and it is currently 108.714

    NASDAQ is down to 0.99% and it is currently 12494.50

    Bitcoin is up 1.98% and it is currently 19935.05

  5. 1:45 Q: Learning is the key to success in the market. Only knowledge is rewarded. We are currently trading underneath support line. What does it mean?

    A: It means that this support line is now resistance and that price will probably go down to the next support line.

  6. Question (Q), Answer (A)

    0:46 Q: What looks interesting to you today (regarding sector rotation in the crypto market)?

    A: Non fungible tokens (NFT) with Immutable X (IMX) up 4.30% and Ape up 0.89% .

    1:33 Q: The entire crypto market is currently under fear. But is always helps for us to look at fear and how it impacts on price. When fear increases in the market we see lowering of the crypto fear and greed index. It starts to go down and down. What happens to price around those times when fear goes up?

    A: When fears go up, price go down.

  7. What looks interesting today? Looking into CHR as a possibility in a few days time. Perhaps one of the social coins if Bitcoin retraces. Will have to see how they react.
    What happens to price when optimism decreases? Bitcoin price generally decreases.
    Bitcoin currently trading under the daily support line. What does this mean? Likely that price will decline below this level. May come back to retest.
    BORSOG code for today: D-A86-N2-F12-S45.

  8. What do you think of the structure of Bitcoin to Alt comparison charts or do you just look at alts? I look mostly at Bitcoin. Alts on whole, I‘m not very familiar with, apart from those I was BORSOGing with over the last six weeks. Coffee money practice. I always look how alts compare to Bitcoin as part of the selection process.

  9. Would you seek to by the armegeddon dip? If so where? No, I would rather wait for opportunities during Bitcoin’s consolidation phase.
    Do you think price will break up from under daily support or break down through the armegeddon line? Looks like a break down is the most probable action.
    Thank you Ken and Kate for your kindness. Have a beautiful week KS family.

  10. Thank you Ken and greetings to our dear community. By completing the CTKS course and the daily videos you are incredibly better able to deal with these situations where a big downturn becomes an incredible financial opportunity.

    D A35 N0 F65 S59

    I understand that we are going to go lower than the Armageddon line.

  11. At this stage I'm not even surprised by the fact Ken emphasized 'forgiveness' at the end of this episode. Reason being, I had come here to type out a great rant about forgiveness, and I'm finding that Kens video's have been elegantly weaved into my life in such a way these ongoing coincidences aren't surprising any longer. Thanks again Ken!

  12. I expect BTC-price to go down more. The NQ1! and the Nasdaq have been basically going down rather a lot, BTC-price less, so a synchronisation of BTC-price down towards the Nasdaq is expected.

  13. D A95-N4-F1 S65. For some reason I’ve had problems posting comments here, so apologies if this message ends up coming through multiple times (third and final attempt)

  14. Thank you grandmaster Ken,
    0:46 the social sector looks interesting to me
    1:35 If fear goes up, price will dive
    20:43 I would buy the previous armageddon dip, even if I bought it at half way, I could still make profit. I'd buy around the armageddon support.
    21:02 I think we could break down below the line, as you said, the main market did not have the time to react
    – I'm thinking D A15 – N15 – F70 S30

  15. Hi KS2 & KS Fam!

    – Fear entering the market will typically lead to negative price action.

    – Trading underneath support might suggest that we are headed for the next level of support. I’d be looking for a re-test and confirmation that the support has been lost.

    – I think BTC has the potential to breach the next armageddon line. It very much depends on other macroeconomic factors. If the US markets continue to fall, then BTC is very likely to do so.

    – All of Ken’s recent videos have had a very cautious tone to them that I hope people are picking up on.

    – Remember to use coffee money unless you are synchronised with the markets, preserve your capital at all costs and it is ok to not participate in the markets for a while. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is nothing.


  16. Thank you, Ken! Thank you also to Carey, Purpuratum, and Tales. You are heroes in this community. I will join with you to help improve the lives of those who wish to work hard and improve their lives. Crypto trading can truly change a families' financial tree and create generational wealth when one has the skills and positive wealth mindset to make it so.
    I missed yesterday's update, helping my son through the worst day of his career as a cop and military guy. I hope next time you meet one of these guys or gals you give them a high five. They truly are the fence between the good guys and the bad, and it can get pretty ugly for them.
    My daily routine for checking out the markets:
    Ken's update, only because it comes at the end of my day.
    I love the Armageddon line. I've paid attention to these do or die lines in the past but giving it a name and more importance is worthy. Wishing you all the best in trading and in life!

  17. Thanks for another great analysis, Ken! It took me a while, but after listening to your teaching (and a couple of other smart-money traders), I finally feel confident with the process.

    Ups and downs no longer bother me even a little bit, because I know that my process (BORSOG, trend-analysis, and momentum tracking) is profitable over the long term, and I’m okay with losing a few trades here and there.

    Your teachings about the trader’s mindset and your “by the numbers” approach was very helpful in getting me there. Now I can actually call myself a profitable trader after 6 months of making a decent profit during a bear market. It felt impossible at first, but now it feels almost inevitable, as long as I stay on my toes and approach the markets with humility.

    Thank you, Ken!

  18. The captain is reporting turbulence but this isn’t our first flight.

    A55 N35 F10

    Btc looks like it took a little bounce off support but let’s see what happens when Monday trading kicks off in the US.

    Perhaps ANF covers it but what seems to be a higher probability, btc closer to 10K or closer to 30k?

  19. Hi Ken,

    I have been preparing for a breakdown of the Armageddon line, I think we will be going lower the NQ1 and main markets are looking a bit weak. The majority of my portfolio is likely to suffer in the short term but the funds I have made available to pick up some specials will make up for the pain in the long term. I may actually be looking forward to a spike down if that is possible!! D-A70-N10-F20 S60

  20. What happens in the market when fear goes up? Just by looking at a small chart on my phone of the crypto fear and greed index, it looks like increased fear follows the sell off. However, the Vix seems to be more predictive and precedes the sell off. Or, maybe I need a larger chart to see more clearly!
    Do you look at btc first or just alts? Bitcoin. I have not traded many alts but, I’m hoping to start once I’m confident the next rally is happening. I have been making very small trades in bitcoin to synchronize and manage my emotions with a small amount of money.
    Do you think btc will go up or down from here? I think down.
    D- A85N13F2 sync- 50 in terms of cash but, 75 in terms of confidence.
    Thank you for another great video, Ken.

  21. D-A60-N10-F30 S40
    Carey, Purpuratum, Tales and Ken – you all are legends! Thank you so much for helping others in the community to take the Masterclass. This weekend I've been revisiting the Foundations section. After marking up so many charts it's great to go back and review because there are things I missed and others that are further clarified. It's just awesome! Have a great week ahead everyone!

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