Dogecoin – From Joke Cryptocurrency To Bitcoin Rival

Dogecoin is a digital forex that makes use of peer-to-peer expertise and operates with out a government. Its identify and brand had been affected by the web meme “Doge” and it was at the start created to poke gratifying on the succeeder of au fond the most well-known of the digital currencies, Bitcoin. However over the previous seven weeks Dogecoin has advanced from a bit bit of a joke to the fifth most respected cryptocurrency on this planet and has simply helped to ship each the Jamaican bobsleigh group and an Indian luger to the coming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. We take a more in-depth look.

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Dogecoin - From Joke Cryptocurrency To Bitcoin Rival

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  1. Should the DOGECOIN, EGOD , community get to gather and demand a cap or a soft cap on DOGECOIN . The creators are so Stubborn And blind to see the great potential of DOGECOIN, EGOD . In that said the focus is to make DOGECOIN OR EGOD greater and more powerful and commercially freedom for many people around the world. Should the creators be on the way of DOGECOIN innovation by acting as a stumbling bock ,I understand that they are the creators but the people made DOGECOIN what it is ,Should they have this much power over us the people and the community, we are making DOGECOIN what it is .

  2. Doge Coin is complet diferent from Bitcoin. Because is a inflacionary comoditie (expand at a unlimited ammount) and Bitcoin is a deflacionary one because its code determine a limit for the expand ammount…. Peaple buy Doge Coin because they are realy dumb and do not understaad suply and demand.. they're not investing SHIT haha

  3. the Doge was the leader of Venice(check it out on google if you don't believe it eheh) in ancient times so, why not, this could become the leader of coins. to me it could be read also Dog E-coin  ahahah but dogecoin with that british accent is definitely funnier

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