#DOGE is a JOKE | Crypto Market Analysis | Wednesday April 21 (2021)

DOGE is actually a joke, everyone knows this. With it is market cap now over $50 billion it must be taken severely proper? Flawed. Nope. Nonetheless a joke. Nonetheless not .

An amazing place to keep away from investing in my humble opinion. I’ll clarify why on this video and I’m positive the feedback will gentle up telling me why DOGE is the way forward for cryptocurrency, go for it!

0:00 Intro
1:55 Shoutouts
2:05 Why is DOGE Crap?
4:40 Dumb Cash Goes to DOGE
7:59 There’s a vast provide of DOGE
09:09 DOGE Market Cap and Wealthy Record
12:34 Issues to contemplate if You might have DOGE
17:25 Craig solutions some crypto questions from the group
19:45 How you can get my Watch checklist in FTX

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  1. Spiked at 74 cents and fell as low as 16 cents so far

    If you bought when this video came out you'd have made a nice profit to get out at around 60 cents

  2. It is going to a $1 – the Block Chain in a fork of BTC so nothing wrong with it. It is a meme community coin nothing wrong with that either. Fundamentals who cares. Fundamentals and PE ratios mean nothing in this market. Look at all the other BS Crypto coins out here.

  3. I have this theory about dogecoin. There is tremendous down pressure due to the massive amounts of dogecoin flooding the market every minute. The way the celebrities have played this up is very manipulative. In my opinion it is going to get up to a certain point and then all the celebrities and whales are going to sell. And the regular Joe is going to lose everything. Do you think I am right?

  4. it's essentially a litecoin clone with different tokenomics, still has it's intrinsic value of sending money quickly and cheaply around the world. but yes it's a joke.
    ETH is being bought because it's being sold as 'decentralised internet' or 'internet v2', which isn't accurate. it's very slow and a bit crap at the moment. the point is, people are buying ideas.

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