Did Satoshi Pre-Mine Bitcoin?

A Newbie’s Information To Bitcoin:

On this video, I focus on the early days of Bitcoin, and whether or not Satoshi Nakamoto pre-mined Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Genesis block was pre-mined, however its 50 BTC reward can by no means be spent.

Satoshi mined early Bitcoin blocks to supply safety for the community, since he was the one Bitcoin miner on the earth for some time.

However Satoshi has by no means moved or offered his cash, in contrast to individuals like Vitalik Buterin at Ethereum.

Bitcoin was not issued by a centralized basis or company, and was not used to fund an enormous advertising and marketing division. Bitcoin is impartial, decentralized cash, that had essentially the most truthful distribution of any foreign money in historical past.

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Bitcoin white paper:

Satoshi time-line:

Bitcoin Genesis block:

Bitcoin Block 1:

Bitcoin Block 2:

OXT software:

Pomp’s pre-mine tweet thread:

Altcoins with giant pre-mines:

Solana Billionaire VC’s Are Laughing At You:

Ripple runs adverts paid for by its advertising and marketing finances:

Ethereum’s Soiled Historical past:

Vitalik dumps 25% of his ETH:

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  2. Pomp becoming an enemy to btc ?? How ? I can’t believe you’re serious. He’s a btc maxi and what did he say that’s so dangerous for btc ? Did you see his follow up thread where he complied all he learned through what he claims was a sincere effort to learn ? Concerns me when I hear someone so smart write Pomp off as an actual enemy to btc. shocking.

  3. Matt – have you addressed Craig Wright’s claims in any videos, and are you following his latest trial going on in Florida? (Jury is in deliberation, resumes Monday). he claims, win or lose, the satoshi coins will move after the trail, and claims he is satoshi.

  4. Could you please elaborate more on the Pomp stuff. I always thought he was very informative and pro btc. I don’t understand how he could be an enemy of btc. Seems pretty harsh, but would like to know more about why you think so

  5. Excellent video. In the end, all other altcoins are a scam including Ethereum. The devs are in it for their profits and as soon as they moon, the devs/creators dump their shitcoins on you. Over the years I've seen this happen with EOS, XLM, Dash, XRP, Litecoin… The list goes on.

  6. The Hash flowing from the Continent of AfriKa — and the Hash flowing from the Continent of Eurasia — the Hash flowing from Central Amerika, South America and the Caribbean! The Energy of the People Bitcoin Blockchain — The Transformation of all Capital into Digital Capital — the Apex Predator — Saylor, Dorsey, Maller know ……

  7. Can Bitcoin be copied?

    That is, can someone make an identical working copy of Bitcoin that behaves exactly like Bitcoin and is also limited to 21 million and also has its own block chain?

    If yes, then does that copy also have value? If not, why not?

    If indeed someone can create a second working copy, then one could create an infinite number of Bitcoin copies — do they all have equal value or does only the first copy have value?

    If only the first copy has value, yet each copy is identical, how do you justify the first having value but not the second, or the 1000th?

    The fact that these questions cannot be answered or this comment gets deleted should raise the eye browns of all crypto fanatics.

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