Debate: Bitcoin vs Gold with Anthony Scaramucci and Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff and Anthony Scaramucci debate Bitcoin vs. Gold.

This debate is part of Intelligence Squared Crypto a brand new sequence from Intelligence Squared debating the rise of cryptocurrency and future of cash.

For the reason that world economic system was plunged into disaster because of COVID-19 many economists have predicted a interval of nice instability. In regular occasions, buyers would search to hedge towards volatility by shopping for gold. However this time, some are placing their cash elsewhere – into Bitcoin and different digital property. And that raises a elementary query: will Bitcoin or gold be the trusted retailer of worth and asset of the longer term in a time of rising inflation?

Anthony Scaramucci and Peter Schiff go face to face to debate. The host is Anne McElvoy.

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  1. Can’t it be both? I have no idea why people insist on having debates about Bitcoin vs Gold. Block chain has great value but I don’t believe it needs to replace gold. They’re both useful for what they are.

  2. Schiff is dead on and the guy that schiff is debating against is choosing to ignore that facts that Peter presented in the intro. Bitcoin is the same system that we have now and if we continue to have a system thats based of digital money we will have a repeat of whats going on now.

  3. One of the things I found super strange was that everyone I know who dealt in crypto, had the same approach – not to sell. In an organic market people would have various approaches, some would be keeping crypto, others would buy a bit, sell with a profit, then buy again, others still would do a bit of both.

    But with crypto it's been like a cultish behaviour, as if someone influenced people to act the same.

  4. I guess these guys didn’t know they already have crypto backed by gold. PaxG. And Peter always says Bitcoin not used in commerce. But many websites, including a lot of precious metal exchanges, accept Bitcoin for metals.

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  7. Putting our time and effort in activities and investments that will yield a profitable return in the future is what we should be aiming for.
    Success depends on the actions or steps you take to achieve it.

  8. What I found absolutely hilarious is that Mr. Schiff says Bitcoin and Gold have nothing in common, then goes on to try and compare them throughout the whole debate.

  9. Great stream, as always. I appreciate the level-headed approach you take to the news and the markets. A lot has changed and that's on everything but the truth is I don't even care much about bullish or bearish market anymore because Kathy Melvin got me cover as I am comfortably making 3.1B T C monthly

  10. I do belive that a big percentage of those who voted haven't studied and understand what bitcoin is.
    Anthony Scaramucci had a great point about the network effekt which is in favor of bitcoin. A market cap of $ 10 trillion of BTC within 10 years because of the network effekt I would say would be very realistic if not pessimistic.

  11. I am inclined to go with Peter on this one even when Scaramucci has futuristic probable scenarios that could be usable in that era as more of a believed reality. However,it is what is valuable today and has tangibility of usage that matters. Peter's brllliant point "I don't live in a digital house,I don't eat digital food…,is fact that is indisputably truthful and the fact that Bitcoin has or could generate believability only when more of disciples are converted,is striking . Yes,Fiat money is what we have now and is bad enough but .in the final analysis, could have any State use to deal with other Investors ,be it governments or individuals. It has to be based on real tangible commodity of which Bitcoin is not. Peter has a disciple in me on this.

  12. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

  13. Please have emergency cash to pay bills for as many months that your money is locked in the closed banks and ATMs. Stores will want cash. an cash will be devalued.
    I am 79, but moved to Querétaro,Mexico in 2021, because USA is too deadly and expensive.

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