Crypto 'jokes' stop actual progress within the near-term: Author Ranjan Roy

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  1. Stops and holds to freezing the money to hide and hiding to sent to these people behind the scenes , I want you stopped and controlling of these people greed and greedy bad and Evil to destroy and crashing the stock's markets . Lose and losing all I all everything's what they got it and the have it lose and losing all in all plus bankcrupcy these general COMPANY'S INVOLVES behind the scenes I'm so angry to used and using of my SECRETS SERVICES and used and using my owns money's and products and materials Brand's and branded products and materials based on the stock's markets and technology and history's database

  2. If you've invested in Bitcoin for years, you are used to year long bear markets. If you don't believe in the tech or have diamond hands, stay away. As for me, I'd buy at any price.

  3. Mining in china is literally dead. It's banned now, with more governments banning it, it's only a matter of time for it's complete collapse.
    You cannot expect to operate outside of a government's purview and be accepted as the standard in opposition to that government.

    Crypto will die, be it abandonment or banishment, this is not about "clean green renewable" BS.

    If you were gullible enough to buy one of the most toxic financial tools ever created you should expect massive losses, if you stay it's not that it wasn't expected, it's that you are trapped in denial.

  4. Its not really Elons fault people were selling off. No1 has to sell anything he didnt even sell his bitcoin. He just loves dogecoin and people cant stand that.

  5. got no idea how people can think crypto can take over government currency. threat to government currency is national security. people think hard before selling your house to buy crypto.

  6. Crypto money isn’t coming to the stock market. People are just going to buy the dip in crypto. Crypto provides quicker and greater returns than stocks. It’s like riding a horse or driving a Ferrari. Stocks being the horse and crypto the Ferrari.

  7. His red eyes look like he’s lost a lot of money on crypto, though.

    The last time I checked, the way people exercised influence in democracy was via elections, not via crypto, so saying crypto is freedom is false.

  8. I wonder if half the issue is media trying to report on something they don't understand? Who in there right mind would give doge coin so much attention, the coin was made as a meme and is still a meme. 90% of these "assets" have zero use case, and the ones that do get no exposure. If you want to get any real information about this space you have to go to the moon boys youtube channels to get anything useful to digest. I can understand that a conversation around doge itself is important due to the fact that its nothing but a pump and dump and the need to educate others about it in relation to real cryptos, but to take it seriously is irresponsible.

  9. Fundamental = China and India told crypto effff offffff ….. that's 50% of the pop ……… you wanna sit home in gooberville suburbia and play Minecraft with real money ….. then use dollar and have at ittt …… rents coming …… :::)))))))) smh …….. I have no hedgy fundy MBA mind you just saying::)))))

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