Crypto Crash: What Happens Next? – Must See!

The crypto market is crashing! What occurs to cryptocurrency costs from right here? As I file this Bitcoin is down over 30% on the 12 months and as all the time, altcoins have been smashed a lot more durable.

So the primary questions folks have proper now: What on earth is occurring? How low is that this factor going to go? And what ought to we do? On this video we can be :
0:00 – Intro
1:45 – What is Going On?
5:32 – Crypto Crashes
7:12 – What Happens Next?
9:10 – My Plan

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  1. Those were some helpful charts you showed in the video. I would however look up the 10 year change in U.S interest rates and overlay that over the price of bitcoin. You will see that as interest rates go up, Bitcoin goes down and as interest rates drop, bitcoin sores. Rates are scheduled to begin increasing in March and I think BTC started dropping in anticipation.

  2. 2021 was a big year fo r the cryptocurrency sphere. Besides digital tokens, other futuristic applications like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized applications (Dapps), and smart contracts have found their way into the virtual ecosystem. While this was on the play, Bitcoin made strides towards mainstream acceptance with institutional investors and stock exchanges accepting it. And if after all that has happened you are still indecisive about getting start then you should seek the counsel of an expert. Alice marcella has been doing a great job reviewing all chart, trade and techniques on BTC which has enhance the growth of my portfolio to 17 BTC lately.

  3. Good strategy . Thanks for sharing Nathan. interesting that you left a note not to copy you 😉 . To be honest , it's the best way to play out. Clever investing to stay always at the gainers side

  4. The best investment one can do right now is investing on Forex trading though stocks are good but ever since I swapped to Forex, I've seen so much difference

  5. Most people just log on to YouTube to get info on the stocks to pick, without basic understanding on portfolio selection and risk tolerance. Also get the best from a financial advisor and work on your investing tolerance and with time you'd be a grand master

  6. Can you please make an in-depth video on Solana TPS? I keep hearing 65K but what I'm seeing is 3K on a good day and slows to a crawl and crashes whenever there's volume… it woul be great if you could make a video on the truth about the SOL TPS and what's really going on.

  7. according to your plan 10-20% correction will bring us back on a growing trend, correct? well, s&p slept 12%, nasdaq – 18%. it looks like correction is over. a crash is highly unlikely since some people say that US Government can not afford (and it did not thoughout the history) crashed in elections year. agree?

  8. Thanks Nathan. Looks like a perfect storm of global issues resulting in a black swan event incoming IMO. I haven't bought any crypto for over a month and am continuing to save for the continued crash so I can buy when it bottoms out.

  9. This is what i think is going on. Given the current economic situation, recession fears, inflation and large scale adoption of Bitcoin, i think this is the right time for the crypto bubble to burst. In which case, most optimistic target is 26.5K. Worse case is 12k . I hope meme coins and other shit coins are wiped out and BTC and other real coins emerge out of the ashes

  10. The stock/crypto Market lately has not been so encouraging couple with the fact that there is a dip and had projected for a long term buy … the best time to buy any asset is now. What are you still waiting for my dear? The time is now! Great video

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